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History of HMAG:
In 1990, Rev. Johnson started this ministry in home without electricity at small village called Pudukottai in Tuticorin district. Few of the people were become believers and later Rev. J. Samuel Jebaraj took over the ministry by God’s grace after completion of Theology in 1996. A new land has been bought to worship the almighty god.

In the middle of struggles and problems church starts to grow abundantly and people in Pudukottai and around that 62 villages become the member of church and so far 2200 believers become a part of family. Now, we are running with a goal to achieve revival in India.

Let’s join our hands to Glory our God by this digital ministry. We are here to make a relation between you and god. We hope this ministry will be help you to grow in your spiritual life and make a special bond between you and our lord. Hail Jesus Christ..!