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Hi, I am On Ai Leng, have been an actress since 2002. Now I’m also a business woman, wife of Film Director Kenne Yam, a DaJie (big sister of 5 Ongsters siblings), and I AM A FITNESS ENTHUSIAST!
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Where I do my Saturday #oalworkout LIVE
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Started my #Oalfitnessjourney in 2016, when I found out my metabolism was slowing down, That I was Aging! Lololol..... nothing wrong with that. It’s just I am always very forgetful of my age (influenced by my forever 28 hubby). Hence, 4 years now into my fitness journey. Exploring & researching, trial & error, understanding my own body and myself...... Now that I have been asked many many times to start my own YouTube channel. As I have been sharing all my workout videos on my Instagram and Facebook. Here you go......
I hope to make some videos that are specially for YouTube.