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Founded in 2004, Toy Cantando positioned itself as the most important publisher-record label within children's music and literature industry. To date, the label has accompanied more than three generations of children. Diamond Creator Award and Gold & Platinum-certified albums are among the awards obtained, as well as a Latin Grammy award in 2010 for Best Children's Album.

Thanks to its commitment within the audiovisual and technological fields, Toy Cantando has become the largest music and video content creator in Colombia and one of the most important in Latin America.

Across all of its social media platforms, the label influences millions of people worldwide. The numbers: YouTube 15,6 million subscribers, Facebook more than 1 million subscribers, Instagram more than 34 thousand followers.

Toy Cantando will always be faithful to its philosophy: educating while having fun. But above all, promoting principles and values for the children to contribute to a brighter future in a bett

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