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At LooLooKIDS we believe that kids need to laugh, learn and play, and that kid songs can be both entertaining and educational if they are made with dedication, love and skill.

The best English learning lessons for kids are now the Musical Adventures of Johnny & Friends. They sing, dance and learn while having a lot of fun. Children are learning to count, to recognize colors, to spell the Alphabet. Rhyming is the new flavour of learning!

Our FHD 3D animated videos are perfectly adapted for their development, and kids enjoy learning new things while watching the videos and our carefully selected playlists. Enjoy the best quality edutainment for babies, toddlers and kids, and don’t forget to subscribe!

Every week we’re releasing stunning new animations and very fun children songs! Singles & compilation, for happier children and parents!

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For licensing & distribution, visit and contact us at https://loolookids.com/

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