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Hey! whattsup everyone my name is Jopanice and welcome to my Youtube Channel. I am a Filipina from the Land of Beauty Philippines. I am a Nature Lover , Beach Lover, Adventure-Seeker Woman and loves to Travel.
I am a proud single mom of one son named Kent Kobie.
My vlogs are about my LIFE IN THE PROVINCE, FUN, FOODS, TRAVELS LOCAL, LIVESTREAMING and sharing the Life in Philippines.
My purpose why i entered youtube vlogging? My goal and dream is to build my dream house to live in permanently for my Son and Myself that we can called our //"Home//" because we do not have our own house and just moved around. I want to secure my son's future, and extend a helping hand to the needy.

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And Remember:
Keep your head up, and don't ever give up.
Life is wonderful, so smile and be happy!

Hugs & Kisses. God Bless!