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مرحبا بكم في قناة //"Bn Belal//".
نحن قناة مهتمة بالتاريخ الإسلامي واحداثه ومظاهره القديمة وطرحه في جميع مشاهده ومناظره التي تصحب الهيبة والحكمة والموعظة من حيث العصور التي كانت لها ملوك مسلمون ذوي هيبة واتباع للسُنة.
قناة تطرح مشاهد للمجتمع الحالي والمجتمع الإسلامي.
ادعم القناة من فضلك.
Interested in Islamic history, it's events and ancient manifestations, and its presentation in all its sence and scens that accompany prestige, wisdom and preaching in terms of the ages that had Muslim kings of prestige and followers of the sunnah.
A channel that offers scenes for the community current and Islamic society.
Support the Channel,please.
Allah's Messenger Muhammad
As he said (The most people will pray with me on the Day of Resurrection, the most will pray)

To call upon God:
﴿ And who is better in saying one who calls to God and does righteous things, and says: I am from Muslims ﴾
(Post and share ongoing honesty structure) ❤️
Bn Belal