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Welcome to ZSAINT KP Iloilo! The one and only Visayan Automotive Car YouTuber in the Philippines.

I'm Karl N. Palabrica, a college student who took up a Bachelor Science of Mechanical Engineering. On this channel, I will be delivering informative, credible, and sometimes humorous contents related to cars, motorcycles, gadgets, and a whole lot more. I promise you, I have to make sure that my content will be helpful and entertaining for you and for anybody. With that, please //"SUBSCRIBE//" to ZSAINT KP Iloilo for more latest videos that you'll never miss.

For more business inquires (especially for car dealers, sales representatives/marketing professionals, and owners of car-related businesses within Iloilo City, because this channel is looking for a partner due to this pandemic that we've faced), leave an email at [email protected] or send a private message through the official Facebook page. You may contact me at 09473479217 for more details.

Madamo gid nga salamat kag MABUHAY!