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Food challenges, Epic cheat days, cheat meals, recipe videos and vlogs are just part of what you can find on my channel IA Fitness.

I'm Iliyan Atanasov and I'm from Bulgaria currently living in the sea capital of Bulgaria Varna. Fitness and bodybulding is more than just a hobby for me, this is my life at the moment and I hope big part of my future.

Following flexible dieting or IIFYM and incorporating food so it fits my daily macrosnutrients and claories. Tho the best part of the week is the end of it when I make my EPIC (they are really epic just check them out) cheat days, meals and food challenges.

You can find macrofriendly and TOTALLY non macrofriendly recipes on this channel, but for sure 100% delicious.

Having a balanced diet is important, but having fun whlie living heally and lifting heavy 4-5 times per week is important too !

10 000 calories aint a problem, 15 000 calories already in the history, 20 000 calories yet to be conquered ! Subscribe to see it happen!