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Alexander Guy Cook is an English music producer, singer, songwriter, and head of the UK record label PC Music. Since its founding in August 2013, PC Music has represented over twenty artists releasing music within a similar style, in which tropes from mainstream 1990s and 2000s pop music are amplified.
Cook released his first solo singles in 2014. He has also collaborated with PC Music artists such Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, Easyfun, Danny L Harle, and Felicita. He formed the one-off project QT with musician Sophie and performance artist Hayden Frances Dunham, producing the 2014 single //"Hey QT.//" Cook came into the public eye as Charli XCX's creative director and has executively produced her last four projects: Number 1 Angel, Pop 2, Charli and How I'm Feeling Now. Cook was named #12 in the Dazed 100 for //"redefining style and youth culture in 2015 and beyond//". He received the Variety Hitmakers Innovator of The Year Award in 2020.
In 2020, Cook released his two debut albums 7G and Apple.