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I'm a filipina and his my Mexican super duper gwapo na bf ko ??? in my eyes only lol tell you honestly maraming pagsubok ang dumating sa amin at umabot sa punto na mag hihiwalay kami... But in god's grace he guide us on what we need to do. And luckily here we are still strong and fighting each other. Mahirap PAG LDR kayo kasi lahat iisipin mo specialy yung mga negative thoughts. It's not perfect to have a relationship like this but, ITS WORTH TO WAIT!? when THE two of you fight and love each other and most specially trust❤. Just pray and have patience only guys coz everything has its own reason. Kung bakit we sacrifice a lot of pain before we finding our true happiness.. So this it? I know god is always on our side. We just only need to WORK FOR it.. Hope I will be his queen forever soon???? ... ABANGAN! ???