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Key West, Florida - Guitarist Bo Fodor is well known for his on and off stage antics -- it is not unusual for Bo to leave the stage and grab a beer bottle or someone's lighter to use as a slide, but everyone's favorite trick is when he drops his pick and uses his teeth to play the guitar!
//"Bo plays his trademark smoking lead. There are only a few guitarists on Bo's level//" ...
Valerie Redenour -
Key West the newspaper
Hi Energy Rock and Roll at it's finest, Bo Fodor an amazing Lead Guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist/ Singer /Songwriter has been rockin around America since the 80's and now lives in Key West Florida, where //"Bo Fodor & the Hitchhikers//" rock people from around the world on a nightly basis. Bo Fodor also does an acoustic show of the finest Island music .
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