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Welcome to our family channel. Here you will see Vlogs featuring children, random children videos, reading, story time and book reviews from children's books. We will also feature toy reviews, candy reviews, movie reviews and reactions from Disney/Pixar, Dream Works, etc. We will also have math lessons, spelling lessons, games and gaming videos, kid friendly cooking videos, comedy videos featuring children, school lessons for preschool, kindergarten, elementary and up. We will also show science experiments, ABC's, numbers, counting, children's nursery rhymes, songs and more. Some of our playlist include: Learning and Education, Songs and Nursery Rhymes, Kids at play, Fun Toys and Toy Reviews, Cartoons, Games and Gaming as well as Cooking, Decorating and Design. We hope you enjoy our channel and videos. Please don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with all of your friends and family so that you can be eligible for our giveaways.

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