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In the past, hand pulled noodles was something that only Chinese noodle masters were able to make, and everyone else had to stand by and watch in amazement. Yes, that was fun, but I wanted to become a hand pulled noodle master myself. So I did. Now, with this channel, I want to reveal to everyone the most fascinating things about hand pulled noodles. I want to teach EVERYTHING I know so that we can gain a new appreciation for this art form.

Who am I? And why should I be teaching about hand pulled noodles? There is no doubt that I am definitely the person to be teaching and demonstrating hand pulled noodles. I can pull noodles that are thin enough to thread a needle. I have been researching and studying hand pulled noodles almost 5 years. Also, I have served many, many hand pulled noodle banquets for my family, friends, and extended family.

I hope you enjoy my channel!

Instagram: peterlooics