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Hi Friends! My name is Rainbow - or Bo. ?
Roblox Username is: 0BoPlays_Roblox72284

❤️ I love to play ADOPT ME on Roblox. On Adopt Me, I am a Builder and Neon Pet Collector.
So here on my Channel, you will see videos of House Tours of my own personal Builds, and videos of several of my Neon Pets and making Neon Pets.
I love creating...
* Unique & Over-the-Top Houses
* Theme Builds
* Design Hacks
* Glitch Builds
* Big Maze-Like Houses

I always love seeing and playing with my Fans in Gameplay. And I have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you guys! You all seriously ROCK, and I truly appreciate all of your love & support!??

I enjoy playing with my friends and family ?, so I may have guest appearances in a few of my videos. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to my Channel. And leave a comment if you have suggestions for any fun new Build Ideas. Thank you so much for visiting my Channel. Much Love ~ Bo . ?