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Homeland-Six, aka H6, has revolutionized the fire industry with the development of the industry's first Radio Strap made of military grade nylon which provides for durability above and beyond the traditional leather radio strap worn by firefighters for decades. Our 100% Made in USA Radio Straps and Radio Holsters are made to the strict standards of Federal Defense guidelines meeting Berry Compliance. This requirement is met by ensuring the materials are Made in USA which as a Firefighter and Veteran owned company, this is the most important aspect of our product(s).

The H6 Radio Strap is versatile in it's ability to adjust specifically to the size of the individual wearing it as well as the various attachment points to hold essential equipment such as a radio mic, flashlight, PASS device, knives and much more. Pair your H6 Radio Strap with a universal Radio Holster designed to fit most radio types used by firefighters, EMS, police and military.