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Sangeeta Music is No. 1 music label in Bangladesh. It has started journey from Patuatuli, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1982. With the loves of music lovers, today Sangeeta has become most faithful and most popular music company in Bangladesh. To fulfill listeners demand and interest, Sangeeta is producing different types of contents. In advancement of modern science, we are happy and proud to presents tons of music and it has been increasing continuously. Finally, we are grateful to our listeners and Thanks to All.

© Sangeeta *** WARNING *** All contents of the channel are reserved for Sangeeta, Bangladesh. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following materials presented!

For any queries, please contact us:
Mailing Address: Sangeeta, 50 Purana Paltan Line, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
Contact: +880-2-8391916
Visit online:

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