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The St George Orthodox Church of Trumbull has its roots with the turn of the 19th century Albanian immigrants coming to the Bridgeport region. The first Orthodox Church services was organized in Bridgeport on Palm Sunday, April 12, 1925. The first church was on Howard Ave ,and consecrated in 1938 by Met. Fan S. Noli. This was the home of the parish for 40 years.

In 1971, the Albanian Archdiocese voted to join the new Autocephalous Orthodox Church in America (OCA). During this period, liturgy began to be celebrated in the English on a regular basis. Additionally, plans progressed to build a new church in Trumbull, being consecrated in 1980.

Now people of multi-ethnic backgrounds have joined with the Albanians in common faith. Services are 97 percent in English. With the year 2020 marking our 95-year anniversary, we welcome you to come join us on our renewed mission.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, services at St. George have been suspended until April 1st.