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Angelo, the host of this channel, is an immigrant of the United States bringing only $100 pocket money when he migrated to the USA 13 years ago. His bachelor's degree in Accountancy, and prior work experience allowed him to experience the American Dream. That is why in his Youtube logo, he states that Knowledge + Experience /x3d Power!

Angelo was a certified public accountant (CPA) in the state of California for 13 years. He carries the license but is inactive because he is already retired, and no longer practices it. He previously audited private & publicly listed companies in the real estate, biotech, technology, software, manufacturing & a variety of industries. He was an expert in stock-based compensation as well.

Angelo retired at a young age because he had been investing in stocks & real estate while working as a CPA. He is now dedicating his time in educating people about how to attain financial freedom faster and earlier, through meaningful and reliable investing strategies.