10 Most Interesting Bloodborne Characters, Ranked: Lady Maria Prevents Others From Repeating Her Mistakes

Tran Hanh
June 06, 2024


  • The dark world of Bloodborne is full of tragic characters and unfortunate fates, perfect for intriguing storytelling.
  • Ebrietas desires peace with humans, while the Moon Presence seeks to kill other Great Ones, their goals shrouded in mystery.
  • Characters like Gehrman, Lady Maria, and Eileen offer glimpses into the moral complexities of Bloodborne’s intricate lore.

Bloodborne is set in a world full of horror and corrupted by the greed for power. Because of this dismal setting, it’s difficult for the Hunter to find a character that doesn’t have a tragic past or meets an unfortunate fate later during the game. However, this dark and dreary world is the perfect background for interesting characters.

The experiments and ambitions of one person turned the world into a horrifying battle for survival, which was a fight that most citizens lost in the end. Now, they rely on hunters to handle the beasts that torment them and hope that those hunters don’t go mad themselves from using blood. In the middle of this world filled with monsters and Great Ones, some characters stick out more than others.

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10Ebrietas Wants Peace Between Great Ones And Humans

Ebrietas standing still before the start of the fight in Bloodborne.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos, is a Great One that’s being protected by the Healing Church. Although she’s an optional boss, her fight is cinematic and shows how otherworldly she is, as well as how strong her abilities are. She was one of the Great Ones left behind in the old labyrinth, and that led to her being found by the Healing Church. However, this marked the beginning of an interesting relationship between her and the church.

Unlike the other Great Ones, Ebrietas wants to coexist with humans, but she only communes with high-ranking church members. She even taught the Healing Church about Blood Ministration and in return let them study her. While she received protection and worship from the church as a result, Blood Ministration ended up being the cause of the beast problem that then plagued Yharnam.

9Alfred Is Not As Friendly As He Wants The Hunter To Believe

Alfred becomes consumed with bloodlust in Bloodborne.

At first, Alfred is ready and willing to share information with the Hunter and work together. However, he shows his hostility towards Vilebloods early on, which is only reinforced by his title being Hunter of Vilebloods. Combined with his dedication to the Healing Church and Martyr Logarius, it doesn’t take long for Alfred to show his nature, which also shows the dark side of a church that fooled countless people into believing it was helping them.

It turns out that he never intended to be an ally to the Hunter. Once the Hunter gives him the Cainhurst summons, Alfred reveals his manipulative and fanatical nature, showing that he used the Hunter for his own goals and nothing more. However, this is a theme in the game, and quite a few characters share the traits of believing that what they do is right, unable to find fault in their actions.

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8The Moon Presence Has Unclear Goals

The Hunter facing off against the Moon's Presence in Bloodborne.

The Moon Presence is another Great One, but the Hunter won’t encounter it unless they eat three of the One-Third of an Umbilical Cord that can be found at various points in the game. Then, the Hunter fights the Moon Presence after fighting Gehrman, and it turns out that the Moon Presence is the reason Gehrman is trapped in the Hunter’s Dream. It binds Gehrman in the Dream, and it has control over all things within the Dream, letting it pursue its goals by using Gehrman and other hunters.

Opposite to Ebrietas, the Moon Presence wants other Great Ones to be killed, using humans to complete this task rather than trying to coexist with them. However, the reason behind the Moon Presence’s desire to kill other Great Ones is never revealed. It first appeared to Laurence, who summoned it for reasons unknown, and it’s connected to Paleblood, but it remains shrouded in mystery, considering what little information is known about it.

7Gehrman’s Dream Is Actually A Nightmare

Gehrman from Bloodborne, sitting in his wheelchair in the Hunter's Dream's shop.

Throughout Bloodborne, Gehrman acts as a mentor to the Hunter, allowing them to use the Hunter’s Dream to improve their abilities. As the first hunter, Gehrman saw the beginning of the beast scourge. Additionally, if the Hunter finds Gehrman sleeping in the field during one of their visits to the Hunter’s Dream, they’ll hear him talking about Laurence and Willem, begging them to free him. So, it seems like he knows the other key characters fairly well.

The Hunter’s Dream shows a lot about Gehrman’s past and his values, as well as his loneliness. His obsession with Maria led to the creation of the Doll, but he resented the Doll for not being the same as Maria, resigning himself to loneliness even after making a deal with a Great One to bring the Doll to life. However, he also shows his unwillingness to allow others to share his fate, offering to cut off the Hunter’s connection to the Dream and return them to the waking world.

6Micolash Created His Own Prison

Bloodborne Micolash Boss Caged Head with arms outstretched.

The Mensis Cage is an iconic piece of Micolash’s appearance, given how tall it is and how unusual it might be to see somebody with a cage on their head when the Hunter first encounters them. Micolash is found in the Nightmare of Mensis, but his title refers to him as the host of this nightmare, and there are pieces of dialogue that make it seem like he’s aware that he’s not in the waking world. However, Micolash acts as another example of the dangers of trying to communicate or summon Great Ones.

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Micolash is believed to be a former student of Byrgenwerth, a building that studied the Chalice Labyrinths, as well as the Cosmos and Great Ones. The Mensis Cage is the perfect tool for students at Byrgenwerth who are interested in the Great Ones, as it’s designed to allow a person to communicate with them. Unfortunately, the cage seems to have made him go mad, although he mentions when he dies that he’ll forget everything about the nightmare.

5Laurence’s Desire For Godhood Doomed Humanity

Laurence the first vicar is on fire in Bloodborne.

Laurence was a scholar at Byrgenwerth who found inspiration in the discovery of old blood. At first, the old blood seemed miraculous with its ability to cure so many ailments. He believed that the blood had a divine origin, so he thought that it would be perfect to use it for his effort to transcend humanity. While it did affect humanity, the results are likely not what he anticipated.

Willem tried to stop Laurence from using the blood, and it seemed like they knew that using the blood on humans would eventually turn them into beasts. Laurence refused to listen to Willem, and he moved to Yharnam and started the Healing Church, distributing blood as a miraculous cure to the citizens there. However, Laurence himself became the first Cleric Beast and ended up hunted, only to be trapped in the Hunter’s Nightmare after his death.

4Eileen Fulfills A Crucial Duty

Eileen the Crow begins the hunt in Bloodborne.

Eileen is a Hunter of Hunters, which means she kills the hunters who’ve gone mad from consuming blood and hunting beasts, stopping them from hurting innocent people. Although she complains about her age, she continues to fulfill her duty without issues. She also shows that, despite the nature of her work, she does this job out of kindness instead of malice.

Because the Hunter is still of sound mind, Eileen has no reason to be hostile towards them. Instead, she appears to be caring and concerned about the Hunter when their paths cross. Overall, Eileen shows a glimpse into a part of Bloodborne’s world that can be easy to overlook otherwise. After all, if hunters are at risk of becoming more dangerous than they are helpful, then somebody has to take the job of putting them down before they cause too much harm.

3Iosefka Meets A Tragic Fate

A character walks around in Iosefkas Clinic in Bloodborne.

Iosefka’s story is a bit difficult to explain, and that’s because there are two versions of Iosefka who appear in Bloodbornebut there’s no explanation about how the impostor completes this task. At first, Iosefka is kind and caring, but the Hunter can’t interact with her directly because she refuses to open the door of her clinic for them, stating that she doesn’t want to risk spreading infection. The change happens after killing Father Gascoigne, and Iosefka decides to switch from banning anybody from entering to requesting that the Hunter direct survivors to her.

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When the Hunter enters Iosefka’s clinic, they find that the real Iosefka, her patients, and any survivors sent there were experimented on and turned into Celestial Minions. However, the fake Iosefka’s fate isn’t much better. She ends up giving birth to a Great One, which leaves her in pain on an operating table. If the Hunter kills her, they loot another piece of Umbilical Cord that can be used to unlock a unique ending.

2Queen Yharnam Is A Victim Of The Old Ones

Bloodborne Lady Yharnam secret last boss in the game.

The city is named after Queen Yharnam, who also happens to be the mother of Mergo, a Great One. However, becoming pregnant with a Great One and what seemed to be a violent birth wasn’t Queen Yharnam’s choice. Instead, it all happened against her will, and that seems to factor into the reasons that Mergo keeps crying in the background at certain points of the game.

Queen Yharnam is seen three times during the game, and it paints an upsetting picture of her life. When the Red Moon descended, she became pregnant with Mergo, a Great One. However, the blood on her dress and her bound hands imply that Mergo was removed from her womb before she gave birth and that it was all done against her will. The only happy moment is, after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, Queen Yharnam appears again and seems to be grateful to the Hunter.

1Lady Maria Prevents Others From Repeating Her Mistakes

Lady Maria flourishes her swords in Bloodborne.

Lady Maria sits alone in the Astral Clock Tower, guarding the only path to the Fishing Hamlet. At first glance, she appears dead, and this is because she killed herself in the waking world out of guilt for the events that happened in the Fishing Hamlet. But when the Hunter comes close, she grabs them, which begins her fight.

The fight with Lady Maria shows her dedication to stopping the Hunter from finding what happened to Kos and the residents of the Fishing Hamlet by using her blood powers as the battle progresses, despite promising herself that she would never resort to that ability. Even in death, she’s more concerned with helping others, watching over the asylum, and guarding Kos’ location. Her history and appearance in Bloodborne show that she has a strong moral compass and compassion for others.

The world of Bloodborne is tragic and unforgiving, but that creates intricate lore and unforgettable characters. During their journey, the Hunter has to navigate the history of the Healing Church and former hunters to understand how the beast scourge started. With this mix of horror and gothic themes, there’s beauty in the tragedy of Bloodborne.

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