5 Myths Debunked About Walt Disney World

June 07, 2024

Walt Disney World is a place full of magic, wonder, and fun. It also happens to be the source of many myths. Whether they are believable, strange, or entirely insane, here are 5 Walt Disney World myths that can be debunked.

1.Pirates Of The Caribbean Is Haunted

It is believed by some that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is haunted by a cast member who may have suffered a fatal incident during construction of the ride. Supposedly, superstitious Cast Members believe they have to say good morning to the ghost of “George” and tell him goodnight each evening, or else the attraction might not run smoothly during the day. Cast Members typically blame any issues with the attraction on “George”.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Attraction
Pirates Of The Caribbean Attraction. Photo: Disney.

While this myth is popular, not only with guests but also with Cast Members, there are no records of any fatal incidents that occurred during construction of Walt Disney World whatsoever, and none associated with Pirates of the Caribbean in particular. Despite this, many Cast Members who work in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction have stories of paranormal or supernatural things occurring inside the attraction.

2. Walt Disney Had An Apartment Built In Cinderella Castle

It has been long rumored that Walt Disney had planned on having an apartment constructed within Cinderella Castle. This rumor was likely propelled by the fact that Walt Disney did have an apartment located within one of his parks: Disneyland in California. However, Walt Disney had passed away before the construction of Walt Disney World began, and there were no construction plans regarding an apartment located within the castle.

Cinderella Castle Suite study with sofa bed and armchair
Cinderella Castle Dream Suite. Photo: Bobby Asen.

There is a suite now located in Cinderella Castle, but it was not added until the “Year Of A Million Dreams” promotion in 2006. This castle suite has been used in giveaways ever since, but guests cannot simply purchase a stay in Cinderella Castle’s Dream Suite.

3. There Is A City Under Magic Kingdom

This myth is not exactly true, but not exactly false either! There is not an entire underground city located beneath Magic Kingdom, but Magic Kingdom was constructed on top of a series of tunnels and utility rooms. Nicknamed the “Utilidors” for short, this series of passageways and rooms were designed to transport Cast Members throughout the parks without ruining any illusions for guests.

Disney Halloween Cast Member
Magic Kingdom Cast Members use the utilidor to travel to their work locations. Photo: Emily Murray

These rooms are not underground and they are not a basement. In fact, the utilidors are built at ground level with the remainder of Magic Kingdom having been constructed on top of it. Supposedly, Walt Disney was bothered by the sight of Cast Members strolling through Disneyland to get to their work location, and felt it ruined the “show” of the park. The utilidors are mainly passageways, break rooms, and dining areas.

4. Walt Disney World Has A Dress Code

You may have seen numerous posts on social media about being being “Dress Coded” at Walt Disney World and made to change their outfits before entering the park. This has led some to believe that there is a dress code for Walt Disney World parks. This is not entirely true. There are many reasons why a guest might be asked to change their clothes before entering the parks. However, this is not commonplace at Disney and Cast Members will rarely ask anyone to change what they are wearing before entering. Some reasons for guests being asked to change clothes include: Wearing clothing with inappropriate gestures, images, or symbols of hate, adults wearing costumes that too closely resemble those of Disney Parks’ characters, guests not wearing shoes, or guests not wearing shirts. Guests wearing bathing suits will be asked to put a shirt and shorts overtop of the garment. Guests will only be asked to change their clothing if it does not resemble Disney World’s commitment to being a family park that is appropriate for guests of all ages.

Guests under the age of 14 are allowed to wear costumes to Disney Parks. Photo by Disney

Even though there is no dress code technically, Disney’s photographers may deem your clothing not appropriate to be photographed. In these cases, they may suggest creative poses or only use your camera to take your photo. For example, if you are wearing a shirt with suggestive language, they may ask you to do a pose where your arms are crossed over your chest.

5. Cast Members Are Not Allowed To Say No

It is uncertain how this Walt Disney World myth came to be. But contrary to popular opinion, Disney Cast Members are very much allowed to say “no”. While it is true that Walt Disney World strives to always put the guest first and make everyone’s trip as magical as they can, sometimes this is simply not possible. Disney Cast Members tell guests “no” for many reasons. There are safety standards and rules that they must follow, and guests unfortunately must follow these rules as well. Disney Cast Members are held to very high standards and are trained to keep guests happy and safe. Disney Cast Members truly care about the guest experience and they are there to help you, so please be kind to them and give them your thanks!

disney cast member selfie

The amount of Walt Disney World myths that are floating around today are endless. What are some other Walt Disney World myths that you believe to be true? Let us know in the comments below!

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