Actress Caitlin Stasey pursues special job, earns 100,000 USD in 3 days

Thu Trang
June 06, 2024

Melbourne-born actress Caitlin Stasey soared to fame when she landed the role of Rachel Kinski in Neighbours at just 14-years-old. She joined the soap in 2005 before departing four years later in 2009.

The 33-year-old continued her acting career, portraying Lady Kenna in the CW series Reign and Laura Weever in the short film Laura Hasn’t Slept in 2020. The following year, Caitlin confirmed she was taking a break from acting and instead, ventured into the explicit film industry.

Caitlin is now a director and writer at the female-owned pornography studio Afterglow. Sharing more information about the company, she told Women’s Wear Daily: It’s a queer-run and operated company. It’s a very cool group of women making some very good stuff.”

Last year, she opened up about what it’s like to work in the adult industry world. “The content is pretty intense,” the former soap star told the I’ve Got News for you . “But it runs just like any other film set.”

Caitlin added: “But it runs just like any other film set. The sets tend to be really inclusive. There’s a lot of women. In fact, I think there are more female directors in pornography than there are in mainstream film and television.”

She now works in the adult film industry

The star also revealed how inspiration from a perfume advert led her to creating a lesbian porn film. She explained: “You know whenever you watch a commercial for a perfume and you’re like, ‘this makes zero sense!’

“It feels like they’re written by an algorithm on another planet. But they’re always so sexy and it always feels like sex is about to happen – everyone’s sniffing each other’s necks and licking each other’s wrists.” Caitlin added: “So I kind of came up with the concept of a perfume commercial that then becomes a lesbian threesome.”

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