‘American sweetheart’ Anne Hathaway returns to the big screen with a horror film ‘Flowervale Street’

Thu Trang
June 06, 2024

Anne Hathaway was pictured filming a very intense scene for Flowervale Street on Saturday.

During the shoot in Atlanta for her upcoming thriller movie, the 41-year-old actress had blood all over her shirt and wielded a fireplace poker.

For the dramatic sequence, which appeared to be a continuation of a screen she was previously shooting in April, she was seen filming on a rooftop with three teenage actors, including Maisy Stella.

The Idea of You star — who was spotted filming on set with her co-star, Star Wars alum Ewan , about two months ago — had her dark brunette tresses pulled back in a low ponytail but her bangs swayed as she brandished her weapon at an unseen, imagined enemy. For the action scene, she wore a dirt-covered tank top with jeans and sneakers

The Princess Diaries alum also carried a brown leather satchel, worn across her body as she swung the makeshift weapon at an imaginary foe at a low eye level.

Standing behind her, Stella, 20, had a knife in her hand and was wearing a backpack.

The scene appeared to be a continuation of what she was previously filming several weeks earlier which involved an upturned car as a crane was spotted lowering a vintage automobile upside down onto the street.

As they resumed the scene on Saturday, Hathaway reflected the young actors’ wide, shocked eyes and was screaming with them at something to be added in post-production.

One actor was pictured beside Hathaway as they both had fear-stricken looks across their faces. 

He held a metal baseball bat as his weapon while standing behind Hathaway and beside the other two actresses. 

Later, the teenagers watched in shock as Hathaway threw a piece of tile from the roof over the edge. 

Then, the actor was seen wielding his bat and charging at something off the side of the roof. 

Hathaway was also seen spreading her arms as she attempted to protect the kids. She showcased her range as she made a variety of fearful expressions while filming the scene. At one point, she appeared to be close to tears as she comforted the young male actor during their shoot. 

At a different time, she was seen showing off her acting chops with an imaginary filming partner again with a tile in one hand and the poker iron in the other. During a break, she was later seen with the fireplace poker under her arm and holding an umbrella over her head. After wrapping the scene, she was seen climbing down a ladder to get off the roof.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Hathaway was casted to lead the then-untitled project. The official name and the release date of the movie from Warner Brothers was announced in March. 

‘Flowervale Street’ is co-produced and directed by It Follows’ David Robert Mitchell. The cast of the forthcoming science fiction film also includes McGregor, Christian Convery and P.J. Byrne among many others. 

Production for the movie began earlier this year as Hathaway was previously seen on set filming with McGregor in March. 

The logline and details about Flowervale Street remain under wraps so not much is currently known about the upcoming movie besides that it will involve dinosaurs and be set in the 1980s. 

According to insiders cited by The Hollywood Reporter, Hathaway and McGregor will portray the parents of a family facing off again dinosaurs .

‘Flowervale Street’ is set to premiere in theaters on IMAX next year on May 16, 2025. 

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