Andrew Garfield’s most underrated movie is enough to beat Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

Thu Trang
June 07, 2024

Being one of the most popular superheroes, Spider-Man has been the subject of numerous adaptations, each representing its own iterations of Peter Parker and the web-slinger. While some of these have become a fan favorite, such as Tobey Maguire, and achieved huge commercial success, such as Tom Holland’s venture into the MCU, Andrew Garfield’s stint as The Amazing Spider-Man remains the least favorite.

Garfield’s films are not only considered subpar but have also underperformed at the box office comparatively. However, as all the Spider-Man movies once again hit the theatres in celebration of Columbia Pictures’ 100th anniversary, the worst-rated adaptation has managed to surpass the MCU blockbuster No Way Home.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Beat the MCU Blockbuster in Re-releases

Celebrating Columbia Pictures’ 100th anniversary, Sony recently re-released all 8 live-action Spider-Man movies in theatres. These films included Sam Raimi’s trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies, and Tom Holland’s MCU adventures.

And fans once again had the opportunity to relive each iteration of the beloved superhero from April 15 to June 3, 2024. However, the box office colection for the re-release has been quite surprising. Despite the immense success of the Marvel films, they surprisingly garnered the lowest box office returns during this special event.

Even Andrew Garfield The Amazing Spider-Man managed to outperform Holland’s entries. While No Way Home opened to 475,000 USD during the re-release, Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 grossed 500,000 USD on opening day domestically.

Initially released in 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been the lowest-rated film among all Spider-Man live-action adaptations, having a 51% critic score. Garfield’s Spider-Man movies are also considered the least favorite adaptations of the superhero.

While fans enjoyed the stellar chemistry between the Oscar-nominated actor and Emma Stone, the 2014 sequel received criticism for its overcrowded narrative, leading many to consider it less desirable compared to its previous and later adaptation.

Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man Records the Most Successful Re-release

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire in the titular role, has emerged as the standout success of the re-release. Widely regarded as the definitive Spider-Man for many fans, Maguire’s films once again captivated audiences, overshadowing both Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland’s movies.

Among the re-released films, Spider-Man 2 emerged as the highest-grossing entry, raking in $809,000. It was closely followed by the 2007 threequel, which garnered 760,000 USD, and the original 2002 film with 683,000 USD in box office earnings.

Tom Holland’s Homecoming and Far From Home trailed behind, recording the lowest numbers with 285,000 USD and 265,000 , respectively. Maguire’s trilogy’s highest numbers have been attributed to the overwhelming nostalgia felt by fans who grew up watching his portrayal of the beloved superhero.

Following his return in the 2021 film, there is also anticipation for Garfield’s return with a potential third installment in The Amazing Spider-man film series. While this prospect could have potentially boosted audience interest during the celebratory event, the actor’s return as Spider-Man in the future remains uncertain.

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