Ariana Grande revealed a series of romantic moments with her boyfriend during the Stanley Cup finals

Thu Trang
June 09, 2024

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Ethan Slater were spotted attending game one of the Stanley Cup Final in Sunrise, Florida on Saturday.

The sighting comes one day after Ariana released the music video for her song The boy Is Mine, which is rumored to be about Ethan.

Ethan and Ariana’s relationship began as an on-set affair during the shoot of their upcoming two-part movie adaptation of Wicked.

They were plunged into scandal on account of the fact Ethan was married to his now ex-wife Lilly Jay, who has a one-year-old with him.

He and Ariana were the picture of romantic bliss in the stands at the Amerant Bank Arena, watching the Edmonton Oilers face off against the Florida Panthers.

One day earlier, the The Boy Is Mine video dropped, featuring appearances from the likes of Penn Badgley, Brandy, and Monica. 

Released on Friday morning, the Batman-inspired clip follows 30-year-old Grande as Catwoman, on a mission to win the heart of Mayor Max Starling, played by You’s Badgley, 37.

In a nod to Brandy and Monica’s 1998 duet The Boy Is Mine, the veteran R&B singers appear as news anchors who report on a city’s rat infestation, which the mayor addresses in a press conference.

Grande is shown concocting a pink ‘love potion’ as she praises Badgley’s ‘brilliant’ plan to release stray cats throughout the city to combat the rodent problem.

She sets out to use the pink substance, kept in a small vial, in a scheme to make Mayor Max fall for her.

The beauty is infatuated with the mayor and has a shrine of his images in her home. 

The crafty siren makes a Catwoman-inspired outfit, complete with a face mask, to wear on her mission to sneak into Starling’s residence. 

She trespasses, watching him from a distance before a stressed out-looking Badgley discovers her propped on his bed. 

He lifts the mask from her veiled face and the two stars share an electrifying moment as they lock eyes.

To Grande’s delight, she doesn’t need to use the potion because Mayor Max Starling is immediately taken with her. 

The pop star confirmed that Penn would star in her music video on Thursday while promoting her latest album Eternal Sunshine.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon she was asked by Jimmy, 49, about rumors he heard of cameos.

‘Yes. Definitely. Yeah, there are a couple little things,’ Ariana teased while wearing a little black dress with white heels.

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