Astro Bot Reveals Pre-Order Bonuses and Editions, Including Bloodborne and PaRappa the Rapper Outfits

Tran Hanh
June 07, 2024

Sony and Team Asobi have announced the pre-order bonuses and special editions of their upcoming 3D platformer Astro Bot.

Pre-orders will grant early unlocks for the PaRappa the Rapper outfit, the “Lovestruck Lyricist,” the Dual Speeder “Glorious Graffiti” paint color, and two Astro avatars.

The game’s physical standard edition will include a poster and the aforementioned pre-order bonuses, while the digital standard edition will contain the same content sans the poster.

As for the Digital Deluxe edition, it is set to contain the following as early unlocks:

  • Astro’s “Yharnam Tourist” (Bloodborne) outfit
  • Astro’s “Golden” outfit
  • Dual Speeder “Neon Dream” paint color
  • Dual Speeder “Champion’s Gold” paint color
  • Official soundtrack composed by Kenneth C.M. Young
  • Digital art gallery
  • 10 Astro avatars

Note that items are listed as “early unlocks,” meaning they’re earnable in game as you progress.

You can view a breakdown of the included editions and poster via our gallery below:

astro bot 3
astro bot 1
astro bot 2
astro bot 5
astro bot 4

The announcement trailer showcased a countless number of worlds, gimmicks, and enemies players can anticipate. Over 50 planets, six galaxies, and 80 levels have been confirmed to appear as well. The journey follows you, trying to find Astro’s scattered crew.

Over 15 new abilities have been added, which each take advantage of the DualSense controller via haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. One new power is Barkster, a Bulldog Booster that lets you airdash through enemies and other obstacles. The Twin-Frog Gloves provide ranged pinching, and the Giant Sponge lets you suck up water from the vicinity to grow huge. Over 70 new types of enemies will be present, including bosses at the end of each galaxy.

Astro Bot will be released for PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2024. Pre-orders begin tomorrow.

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