BBC Countryfile fans fume ‘what’s happened’ as show shake-up sparks huge backlash

Tran Hanh
June 03, 2024

The latest episode of BBC Countryfile saw presenters Anita Rani and Adam Henson pay tribute to the 80th anniversary of D-Day, but some viewers weren’t impressed

Countryfile fans were left scratching their heads as the BBC show dedicated its full hour to commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, straying from its usual rural focus.

Sunday’s (June 2) episode whisked viewers off to Dorset where presenter Anita Rani met with individuals who had unique stories or ties to the event. Later, Adam Henson explored how wartime needs transformed British agriculture.

But it seems some viewers weren’t thrilled about the D-Day centric content, questioning its relevance to the show’s theme. X, formerly known as Twitter, became the platform for their displeasure, with one user posting: “What’s happened to @BBCCountryfile? What does a war tank have to do with farming let alone the country! #countryfile”.

Another viewer chimed in with: “@BBC When did Countryfile turn into a History programme? ” and a third person added: “Countryfile returns next week with countryside news. Until then …. [sleep emoji]”.

The latest episode of BBC Countryfile saw presenters Anita Rani and Adam Henson pay tribute to the 80th anniversary of D-Day (Image: (Image: BBC))

A fourth social media user queried: “#countryfile why not have a separate d-day special and let Countryfile be about country and farming matters? It is good stuff, but not Countryfile, more like Historyfile! “, reports the Express.

However, not all feedback was negative; some viewers actually commended the BBC for the episode. One fan tweeted: “#countryfile another great fascinating episode well done.” A second agreed: “Countryfile excellent tonight.”

In the midst of the historical features, Anita Rani had a poignant chat with a gentleman whose father had been involved in perilous D-Day training operations. The practice sessions on Studland Bay were incredibly realistic, with the troops using live rounds to mimic the intensity of frontline combat.

Anita Rani spoke to Tony about his father Jim during the special show (Image: (Image: BBC))

Tony’s father, Jim, was a driver in the British Army and played a significant role in Operation Belch. He revealed: “They set up an installation here to set the sea on fire.”

“The plan was to navigate an amphibious tank through the flaming sea to ensure it could withstand a landing in Normandy.” Jim was tasked with testing the system alone, a considerable risk as it hadn’t been trialled before.

Some viewers weren’t impressed with the BBC show shake-up (Image: (Image: BBC))

While he didn’t participate in the D-Day attack, Tony clarified: “No, what happened to him was he was actually detailed off to go with the 4th and 7th Dragoon Guards onto D-Day.”

“But at the very last moment, someone higher up said, ‘hold on, we need to pull the most experienced crews out of action so they can train for crossing fast rivers.” Discussing his father clearly meant a great deal to him, as Tony became emotional while looking at photos of the war hero.

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