Being criticized for her oversized breasts when taking her child to school, the girl had a tough response

Tran Hanh
May 23, 2024

Lyla King, 27, has been shamed on the school run for the size of her boobs – with one teacher even telling her she was dressed “inappropriately” because she wasn’t wearing a bra

Lyla King
Lyla King claims a ‘snooty’ teacher shamed her on the school run for not wearing a bra (Image: @lylasbigheart/Kennedy News)

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A mum with size P boobs size she is is constantly shamed for the size of her boobs – especially on the school run.

Lyla King has admitted she’s fed up with other mums giving her “disapproving” looks when she’s on the school run, and has claimed one teacher even told her she was dressed “inappropriately” because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The mum-of-three is a size 34P, but said she regularly goes about life without a bra because the sheer weight of her chest makes wearing one uncomfortable.

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But the 27-year-old woman has hit out at mums and teachers who judge her for the way she looks, as she insisted she can’t help it, and she isn’t trying to look “inappropriate”.

Lyla King
Lyla thinks other mums are jealous she might ‘nick their husbands’ (Image: @lylasbigheart/Kennedy News)

Lyla, from Canada, said: “Day to day my boobs get a lot of attention. Normally people don’t say anything, but I get looks for sure.

“They’re looking because they’re so big. I dropped the kids off at school one day and I could see a snooty female teacher looking me up and down. As I waved them off she said that perhaps I should re-think what I wear as I looked inappropriate.”

“I was just wearing a t-shirt and leggings – what 99% of other mums wear. I guess the fact that I wasn’t wearing a bra was what made it ‘inappropriate’. I haven’t seen her since. That’s the first time someone’s made a comment, but on the school run I regularly get dirty looks just because I’m not wearing a bra.”

The mum expressed surprise that other women don’t understand “how uncomfortable bras can be”, and joked that the other mums at school might be “worried” that Lyla could “nab their husbands”. She added: “Obviously, I’m absolutely not after their partners. If they’re that bothered they should hide their husbands. If they’re so offended by me not wearing a bra, that’s their problem, not mine.”

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