Blood Of Zeus: Ranking10 Strongest Olympians, who is your favourite?

June 07, 2024

Blood of Zeus introduces anime fans to the powerful Greek Pantheon. This troupe of over-dramatic and over-powered characters rivals the strongest anime or superhero teams. Each of the gods rules over powerful elements and/or skills, granting them each different abilities that they can put to use in battle. These abilities range from super speed to craftsmanship, and make the gods terrifyingly powerful in the eyes of humanity.

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Though the gods have had hundreds of tales told about them throughout history, Blood of Zeus has recontextualized them into a dramatic new package for modern audiences.

10. Hephaestus, God Of Blacksmithing

Hephaestus and Automatons_Blood of Zeus

Though the god of blacksmithing never swings a sword in Blood of Zeus, his presence on the battlefield is as potent as any of the other gods. As a result of Hephaestus’ forge, every warrior on Zeus’ side is capable of making an impact, even the humans. Fans of anime know that powerful items, weapons, and tools can change the tide of battle like any good power or ability can.

If viewers can assume anything from the visual design of the gauntlet that captures souls and controls the giants in the final battle, it may be the case that Hephaestus designed this tool as well. The ability to control an army of giants is shared by another powerful anime hero. If only Hephaestus were powerful enough to hold onto all his cool toys.

9. Artemis, Goddess Of The Hunt

Artemis and Persephone confront Zeus_BloodofZeus

The goddess of the hunt doesn’t get much screen time, but her cold eyes and glowing hands are part of the reason Zeus reconsiders his position when first confronted by Hera. Considering Heron’s affinity with the bow and arrow, it is a shame that viewers never got to see Artemis with bow in hand during the eight episode run of Blood of Zeus. The goddess is known for her own strength with the ranged weapon, yet viewers are left to speculate on her power.

8Demeter, Goddess Of The Sacred Law

Demeter in Final Battle_BloodofZeus

As the goddess of the sacred law, it makes good sense for Demeter to side with Hera when Zeus breaks his own code of law. Her judgmental eyes are powerful enough on their own, but the final episode gives viewers the chance to see her true potential in battle.

The goddess of the sacred law also happens to be goddess of the harvest, giving her control of plant life in a similar manner to Poison Ivy. This ability can be seen wrapping up another warrior after her flaming staff fails to hit its mark.

7Athena, Goddess Of Wisdom

Athena and Ares meet Heron_BloodofZeus

The goddess of wisdom, strategy, warfare, and skill would certainly have gotten closer to the top of the hierarchy if she were given the screen time to show off her abilitiesViewers can assume that it was Athena’s strategy that got Hera so close to the throne since she seems equally disgusted by Zeus’ actions, but even this is speculation.

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In other legends that tell the tale of the gods of Olympus, Athena is a threat that god and man are forced to respect. Hopefully in season two, Athena will demonstrate her strengths and find a place closer to the top of viewers power rankings.

6Apollo, God Of The Sun

Apollo and Hermes fight Ares_BloodofZeus

Apollo proves to be as beautiful as he is powerful in Blood of Zeus. His station as god of the sun gives him fire related abilities that no other god is capable of. While riding over the battlefield in a chariot led by two flaming horses, Apollo lets the fire of the sun rain down on his foes like the fire-lord in the middle of Sozin’s Comet. His strengths as a swordsman and capability to fight at a range thanks to his chariot make him a formidable opponent against gods and demons alike.

5Hermes, Herald Of The Gods

Hermes readies to charge Ares_BloodofZeus

In most iterations of the Greek Pantheon Hermes is relegated to the role of messenger. His winged boots offer him a kind of super speed and make him the perfect person to deliver the gods’ messages. What most iterations of the pantheon fail to do is show how powerful super-speed can be on the battlefield.

In the show’s final battle, Hermes’ speed creates a tornado that forces the entirety of Hera’s army to pause before pushing forward through the cloud of dust created by the swift footed god. He even manages to strike the god of war in a sparring session, something few others manage to do in Blood of Zeus.

4Ares, God Of War

Ares readies for Hermes and Apollo_BloodofZeus

The god of war proves that he can take on any of the gods other than those that come from the older generation. In fact, during the original war against the giants, Ares, Zeus, and Hades are the only gods shown to kill one of the grey beasts, putting the god of war in elite company. Ares wields a hammer to deadly effect throughout the entirety of this series. On multiple occasions he proves his metal in battle by taking on both Apollo and Hermes, defeating them simultaneously.

3Poseidon, God Of The Sea

Poseidon Final Battle_BloodofZeus

Poseidon is not given much screen time to show off his powers in Blood of Zeus, but the final battle gives viewers a taste of his strength. Poseidon’s control over water would rival even the most powerful waterbending anime characters.

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When confronting Zeus with the law in the third episode, the gods are lucky to have Poseidon on their side. When the King of the gods threatens them, Poseidon holds him back, demonstrating his strength without having to throw a single punch.

2Hera, Goddess Of Marriage

Hera Final Battle_BloodofZeus

The usurping goddess is respected and feared by all but Zeus. This fear is proof enough of her power, but that doesn’t stop the creators of Blood of Zeus from demonstrating Hera’s ability as an ESPer.

The goddess of marriage uses her ability to levitate objects with her mind and the power of shapeshifting to nearly take Olympus from Zeus. If she hadn’t made the mistake of promising the seas to the giants, alienating one of her most powerful allies, she surely would have taken down the god of thunder.

1Zeus, God Of The Sky

Zeus and Hera_BloodofZeus

When Hera chooses to confront Zeus on Mount Olympus after finding that he had broken his own laws, Zeus is so confident in his abilities that he nearly starts a fight against seven of the most powerful beings in existence.

His control of the sky and mastery of lightning make him a foe that must be respected. Hera knew just how powerful her husband was, and made sure to confront him with the help of others, perhaps unsure of her own ability to take down the titan killer.

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