Creepy Disney Movie Facts That Will Hit Your Brain

June 05, 2024

Disney has told one magical story after another. Disney successfully immersed the audience in worlds filled with magic and wonder. Yet, for all the delight that Disney films create, sometimes they bring about a feeling of unease.

The Skeleton In The Cellar (Snow White 1937)

Skeleton in dungeon snow white

Coming from her laboratory, Snow White’s Queen Grimhilde enters a secret dungeon, pausing to mock its single skeleton prisoner. While this action in itself isn’t too creepy for a villain such as The Evil Queen, it is when fans consider who the skeleton might have belonged to. As the only one who knows the location of this dungeon, it is plausible to assume that this is one of Queen Grimhilde’s first victims, quite possibly the King himself. As a powerful enchantress, the Queen could have been testing her spells on this long-forgotten soul.

“Poor Nutsy’s Taking The Long Walk” (Lady And The Tramp 1955)

Lady and the tramp

From the moment that Tramp barges his way into Lady’s life, the cocker spaniel’s eyes are opened to what the world is like for most dogs, especially the strays. Up until this moment, the pound was made out to be a place of light-hearted jokes and colorful inhabitants.

This sinister scene changes everything. The dogs fall silent, with drooping ears and low postures. Eerie organ music plays ominously, and the audience falls witness to the shadow of an upbeat dog who has no idea what awaits him at the end of the long walk.

Peter Pan’s Disregard For Human Life (Peter Pan 1953)

Peter Pan and Hook Fight

As arch-rivals, Hook and Pan have dueled repeatedly in Neverland, constantly waging their age-old war. Although Captain Hook is presented as the villain of Peter Pan, perhaps the audience should turn their attention to Peter Pan instead. As a boy who never had to grow up, Peter never learned the value of human life.

Peter consistently treats people like toys, disposing of them when he is done. One example is when the mermaids attempt to drown Wendy, he did nothing until Wendy threatened to fight back. It is unpleasant how Peter treats his enemies, but even more disturbing how he treats his allies.

The Genie’s Lack Of Body Autonomy (Aladdin 1992)

The Genie smiling at Aladdin

It is no secret that the Genie has to grant the three wishes demanded of him by anybody who holds his lamp. What is disturbing is that Genie also has to follow every single order outside of those wishes in regards to his free will. Under Aladdin’s control, the Genie has a great deal more freedom than he is used to.

This small taste of freedom means he can voice his opinions and make jokes. However, under Jafar’s control, the audience gets to see just how disturbing it is for the Genie. He, under constant orders, loses the little body autonomy he briefly had.

Gaston’s Wedding Before His Proposal (Beauty And The Beast 1991)

Beauty and the beast wedding

“I’d like to thank you all for coming to my wedding, but first I’d better go in there and propose to the girl.” This is Gaston’s speech to all of his guests who have helped prepare this surprise wedding outside of Belle’s house in Beauty And The Beast.

Governor Ratcliff Is A Vengeful Opportunist (Pocahontas 1995)

Governor Ratcliffe Pocahontas

There is no denying that colonialism is a disturbing concept, yet what is more disturbing is the way in which Governor Ratcliff finds himself on such a dark path. An ambitious man who lacks in creativity, Ratcliffe’s initial plan was to find a plot of land with gold, making him rich enough to be envied by all those in court.

When Ratcliff discovers that there’s no gold to be found, his fears of being humiliated quickly warp him into a much more disturbing character. Ratcliff will not go back empty-handed. Without regret, he places the blame on enemy savages‘ and plans a war purely to save his pride.

Clayton’s Desperation And His Demise (Tarzan 1999)

Tarzan clayton death

Throughout Tarzan, Clayton was never a truly intimidating villain until the end. For the most part, he was refined and patient. He only showed a little of his temper when things didn’t go his way, though he was always quick to calm when reasoned with.

As soon as it comes to his final battle with Tarzan, that outer layer of confidence and patience is stripped away. It leaves a desperate husk of a man, hacking his way through the vines resulting in his own demise. The shadowy animation of Clayton’s death is quite possibly one of the darkest remnants of any villain’s failures to date.

Judge Claude Frollo Is No Stranger To Torture (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 1996)


When Captain Phoebus is called upon to serve Judge Claude Frollo, he walks into an alarming scene that forges his first impression of his new employer. Frollo is watching the torture of the previous Captain of the guard and calls upon the torturer to issue only one command with sadistic glee. “Ease up. Wait between lashes. Otherwise, the old sting will dull him to the new.”

This command used to intimidate Phoebus into subservience also informs the audience that Frollo has spent years studying the torments that the human body can endure. Frollo exploits what causes the most pain.

The Horned King May Have The Highest Body Count (The Black Cauldron 1985)
black cauldron horned king
With potentially the highest body count, The Horned King is without a doubt the most intimidating of all Disney villains. He strikes fear into everyone, even his own henchmen. His looks, bloodlust, and plan to create an army that will worship him and destroy every living creature on Earth makes him creepy.

To create an army of cauldron-born, he must have their corpses. He likely got most of his prospective army from the graves of the fallen. As a villain who fears nothing and slays anything in his way, it can be assumed entire villages were slaughtered. Whether the dead are his enemies or his allies, the Horned King would still get more members for his army.

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