Dakota Johnson doesn’t even remember Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, admits she’s not a fan

Thu Trang
June 07, 2024

While Dakota Johnson is the latest Hollywood A-lister to make her Marvel superhero debut, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is an avid viewer of the high-budget films.

In her most recent film, Madam Web, Johnson plays Cassandra Webb, a hero with clairvoyant powers. The story takes place in the same cinematic universe as Holland’s Spider-Man films, prompting MTV’s Josh Horowitz ask the Fifty Shades Of Grey star to accurately name all three.

“‘Spider-Man: Here He Comes!’ That’s number one,” Johnson not-so-confidently guessed. “‘Spider-Man: And He’s Back.’ And the other one, the last one, is … uh… ‘The Goblet of Spider-Man.’ ‘Harry Spider-Man and the Goblet of Man.'”

Close… I guess? A for effort, as they say.

To be fair, prior to attempting to name all three Holland Spider-Man films Johnson did admit that she has seen all of “4%” of all the Marvel Superhero movies to date.

“Which is. like 15 minutes of one,” she joked. (Accurate!)

For the record and the uninitiated (including you, Johnson): The correct titles of all three Holland films are Spider-Man: HomecomingSpider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Given her guesses, it’s clear that Johnson is more of a Harry Potter fan… an assumption she quickly confirmed.

“I love Harry Potter,” she said, adding that it is “totally” her thing.

“I agreed to go to Boarding School for one year—well, I was supposed to go for four years—but I agreed to go because I thought it was going to be like Hogwarts,” she added. “Rude awakening—there are no nuns at Hogwarts.”

Johnson also shared that she is officially a Ravenclaw, though MTV’s Horowitz (and the rest of us) assumed she was a Slytherin.

“Did you say I’m definitely Slytherin?” she asked. “You said that? That’s f****** crazy.”

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