Dark Souls: Nightfall is a new sequel to the OG game you can’t miss, are you ready?

Tran Hanh
June 11, 2024

If, like us, you can’t get enough of the savagery of Dark Souls, you’ll want to check out this sequel to the original game.

Although there are newer FromSoftware adventures on the horizon, chiefly that of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, some players long for a continuation of the game that ignited their passion for pain.

Dark Souls: Nightfall is that connection to both the past and the present you seek.

Not long until The Shadow of the Erdtree makes us rage quit

Hardcore fans of the franchise will undoubtedly know this unofficial sequel well, as it’s been around since 2022; little over a month after Elden Ring launched, the demo for Nightfall made its entrance.

Since then, however, updates have been sporadic.

But, despite the occasional radio silence, much progress has been made on this mod – and this comes after its developer, Grimrukh, decided to rebuild the sequel from scratch.

Oh yes; as reported by PC Gamer, the project was “just about finalised”, but then “advances in modding tools” inspired the Nightfall team to start over again. They’re nothing if not ambitious.

In their YouTube update, the Nightfall team said, “Nightfall is going swell – just a little slow!” Before continuing, “Thank you as always to everyone who’s supported us on Patreon or just with your kind words. This behemoth of a fan project is actually getting somewhere […]”Play

The team needn’t lavish the hungry fandom with praise, though, as they’re more than happy to wait for perfection.

As user @OneColdtruth said, “By all means, take your time; I know people truly appreciate the work you are putting into this.”

Elsewhere, fans were amazed at the developers’ dedication, saying “You re-designed the entire map?? This really is a passion project… Let him cook lads, let him cook; you take your time.”

Dark Souls: Nightfall may not be finished cooking just yet, but by god, this sequel is not to be missed.

To stay up to date with news, make sure to follow the Nightfall team via their website and social media channels. You don’t want to be the last to know about this action-packed tale.

Review : 4.6/30
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