‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Teaser Out Now, Reveals Lady Deadpool played by Taylor Swift?

June 10, 2024

Deadpool And Wolverine Seemingly Teased Ladypool’s MCU Debut, And Fans Are Naming The Same Two Stars While Speculating About Who Could Play The Role

These are both good picks.

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The highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine will be with us next month, and fans are eager to see what lies ahead for the third installment in the Ryan Reynolds-led superhero franchise. The actor/producer and his collaborators have shown off bits of the film through trailers and TV spots, though they’re aiming to save the big surprises for the theaters. However, it would seem that a new batch of footage has teased the Marvel Cinematic debut of Lady Deadpool or “Ladypool” – a female variant of the Merc with a Mouth. Fans are now taking to the interwebs to speculate about who could play the role, and the same two stars just keep coming up.

June 8 is Best Friends Day and, as part of the celebration, the D&W team released a new promo for the upcoming Marvel movie. There’s a mix of old and new footage within the minute-long clip package, and some truly awesome and hilarious moments are shown off. And, if you look closely, you can even see a character that appears to be Juggernaut. What really seems to have franchise devotees in a tizzy, though, is a brief shot of a pair of legs walking towards the camera. While they’re decked out in a red combat suit, they seem to be too slender to be Wade Wilson’s. Even the character’s creator, Rob Liefeld, called out the quick scene in an X post:

While it’s far from confirmed that that is indeed Lady Deadpool – a.k.a. Wanda Wilson – it seems very likely that it could indeed be her. After all, the multiverse-centric movie is apparently introducing other variants of the antihero, with Dogpool being the counterpart that’s been shown off the most. The notion of Wanda popping up is definitely exciting, and I’d be curious to see how she figures into Wade and Logan’s journey. 

Of course, if the gun-toting character is indeed showing up, then one has to wonder who might play her. You may not be surprised by the fact that following this latest promo’s debut, many across the Internet shared thoughts on that front. Thus far, two names have popped up the most frequently, and I’d say that either one of these two famous ladies could play the part. Check out what fans are saying down below: 

  • LADYPOOL!!! It’s gotta be Blake Lively. – @ilyryanreynolds
  • So how much is everyone willing to bet on Lady Pool being played by Taylor Swift? – @MischiefsYT
  • I think Blake Lively is LadyPool in Deadpool & Wolverine. Lady Pool 🗡️ – @trustmysauce
  • Blake or Taylor as lady pool? Blake as lady pool and dazzler as her GF?? 😍🥰 – @kelcedamnmorris
  • If Blake Lively isn’t the one playing LadyPool, then what are we even doing here? – @GroundhogJay_
  • All these rumors of Taylor Swift possibly appearing as Dazzler, but what if she’s Lady Deadpool the whole time 😂 Though, [I’m] hoping it’s Blake Lively. 🤞🏽 – @evanslarsons
Blake Lively in A Simple Favor and Taylor Swift in Look What You Made Me Do music video
(Image credit: Lionsgate/Taylor Swift)

Both Blake Lively and Taylor Swift would be fascinating choices for Ladypool, and both could easily find their way into the movie given their connections to Ryan Reynolds. Obviously, Lively has been married to Reynolds since 2012 and shares four children with him. The pop singer, on the other hand, is a good friend of the couple’s and has been embroiled in rumors regarding the MCU flick for months now. However, those reports have linked Swift to the role of Dazzler, and Reynolds reacted to them. The spoiler-avoiding leading man didn’t leak any specifics, but he did mention that “anything can happen.” And, based on the newest batch of footage, which you can see below, just about anything and everything really could happen in this flick:CLOSE

I’m truly excited over the prospect of Lady Deadpool showing up in this threequel and wouldn’t mind seeing either Blake Lively or Taylor Swift in the role should Wanda be involved. Though, if I’m being honest, I think having Lively play a variant of her husband’s famous character would just be too perfect. Or, who knows, maybe Ryan Reynolds and co. will throw us a curveball, and those are someone else’s legs entirely.

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