DJ Maphorisa was angry when Mlindo The Vocalist pranked him: It’s so crazy

Tran Hanh
June 03, 2024

DJ Maphorisa. Picture: Instagram

LOCAL DJ and producer DJ Maphorisa has taken to Facebook to reveal how artist Mlindo The Vocalist once backstabbed him.

DJ Maphorisa has grown into quite the vocal personality, often taking to his Facebook page to get certain things off his chest.

In a lengthy post, the popular artist shared his story of how Mlindo The Vocalist, started working behind his back with road manager Nyiko Bilankulu.

DJ Maphorisa helped kickstart Mlindo’s career, after he was “discovered” by the DJ after he shared a video of himself singing Maphorisa’s “Midnight Starring” track.

The video gained traction online and Maphorisa reached out to the young Mlindo and flew him from Port Shepstone to Joburg. Mlindo later signed to Maphorisa’s record label Blaqboy Music.

“AmaBlesser”, Mlindo’s first single was released under the label and put the young artist on the map.

Maphorisa explained that he took Mlindo under his wing when he got to Joburg and organised a road manager – Nyiko for him who later worked with Mlindo against Maphorisa.

“It’s so crazy how people will backstab u Mlindo The Vocalists came to Jozi he didn’t know anyone etc. n I had to get him a road manager, cool I asked Nyiko to help Mlindo. at that time Nyiko was supa broke but a cool hard working guy so I gave him a chance not knowing the devil.

“To cut the story short after two years I hear Nyiko is Mlindo’s manager. They cut off my percentage. He promoted himself. I said I will let them be even though I could take him back. I left them to do their thing,” he said.

Mlindo’s life certainly changed after his encounter with Maphorisa as he became one of the biggest artists of the moment, receiving huge airplay across radio stations.

Maphorisa in his post went on to explain that now Mlindo wanted to return to the stable but admitted the moves made by the artist cut him deep.

“Now Mlindo says he wants to come back to Blaqboy but contractually he’s still my artist, i still love him his my boy we all make mistakes n yes we gonna make the next project but wat hurts me most is u give people food n they shit on u with the same food u gave them,” he said.

Maphorisa wrapped up his lengthy post by emphasising the importance of loyalty.

“Loyalty is key guys it unlocks especially the ones who do the most for u dnt Loya them,” he said.

Mlindo has not publicly responded to DJ Maphorisa’s claims.

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