Doc Shebeleza admitted to hospital: The current health condition makes fans scared

Tran Hanh
June 06, 2024

South African music legend Doc Shebeleza says he is in fine spirits after he was hospitalised on Sunday, following a health scare that saw him nearly collapse while at home.

The kwaito legend, reportedly drove himself to hospital on Sunday after he felt that his body was somewhat weakened.

In an interview with Zimoja, Shebeleza, who is still in hospital, said he had decided to check himself into the nearest health institution after realising that he was not in top condition.

After running some tests, he said doctors had decided that his veins were not working properly.

“I didn’t feel okay and I had no energy. I personally went to the hospital and they urgently admitted me, saying my veins are not serving my body properly and I laughed. Life,” he said.

Shebeleza, who is reportedly admitted at a private hospital not far from his Joburg North home, said he would be taking his time in hospital to relax and regain his strength before going back home.

“I’m in good hands. The doctors are still running some tests. I hope and trust that I’ll be out soon. For now, I will take this time to try and relax.”

The Ebunandini hitmaker also revealed that he suspected that the reason for the sudden loss of energy was due to his body being overworked in recent weeks. Meanwhile, Doctors are expected to do some final tests to determine if it is anything serious.

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