Drake’s Post-Show Sweat Session Ignites Fan Frenzy

Calista Alma
March 22, 2024

As expected, life on tour for the star involves more than just performances. In a recent glimpse shared by Drake himself, captured in a carousel post, the “God’s Plan” hitmaker was seen removing his sweat-soaked white T-shirt and wringing it out on camera.

On March 21st, the Canadian rapper took to Instagram to offer fans a peek into his “It’s All A Blur Tour” in the US, where he’s co-headlining with fellow musician J. Cole.

Fans in the comments section couldn’t help but express their admiration for the singer. One fan exclaimed, “I need that shirt!” while another commented, “Athlete for real for real.” Yet another social media user suggested, “Bottle that s**t and sell it.”

The video swiftly spread on Twitter, prompting even more viewers to share their desires regarding the heavily perspired garment. They held nothing back.

“One person wrote, ‘I’d drink it, Megan Thee Stallion style,’ while another replied, ‘You’re so nastyyyy, ME TOO.'”

During his performance at the Frost Bank Financial Center in San Antonio, Texas on March 16th, Drake engaged in a conversation with the audience and fulfilled the concertgoer’s request.

A circulating video captured Drake engaging in a conversation with a fan who displayed a sign that read, “I’m five months pregnant, can you be my Rich Baby Daddy?” paying homage to a track from his latest album “For All the Dogs”.

“Well, first of all, I don’t want to offend your real baby daddy, but I’d love to get you out of the pit and into a safer spot like the VIP or something,” he expressed. “Because being pregnant and getting bounced around doesn’t mix. When I start playing some of these bangers, we can’t have you getting pushed around.”

Following his conversation with the fan, Drake generously offered her a monetary gift, earning applause from the crowd. “Secondly, I’d love to give you $25,000 so you can be a wealthy baby mama,” he announced.

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