Elden Ring: Top 10 best Early Sorcery Spells And Where to Get Them

Tran Hanh
June 07, 2024

Elden Ring has a greater focus on magic than previous FromSoftware titles, and there are two kinds that players can learn: Incantations and Sorceries. Of the two, Sorceries are more focused on damage and ranged firepower, and scale from Intelligence. Whether players are building a pure sorcerer or a hybrid character, knowing which Sorceries to equip is essential to making the most of Elden Ring‘s magic.

Not all Sorceries in Elden Ring are created equal. For players looking to completely decimate their foes, these are the most overpowered options.

Updated on June 3, 2024, by Nahda Nabiilah: There are various types of Sorceries that are available at your disposal in Elden Ring. Tarnished can use a combination of these spells to take down some bosses or to wipe out an entire enemy’s camp. Additionally, some players prefer not to rely on Sorcery entirely and try to use a weapon alongside the spells. Although most of the legendary Sorceries are found in the late game, there are some decent ones Tarnished can acquire in the early game.

10 Night Maiden’s Mist

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

Elden Ring Night Maiden's Mist Showcase Cropped

The Night Maiden’s Mist spell requires 14 Intelligence, and it releases a thick silver mist that drains enemies’ HP as well as the caster’s. Although the idea of melting enemies and bosses’ health bars is tempting in Elden Ring, this Sorcery is a double-edged sword where players also have a disadvantage.

To obtain the Night Maiden’s Mist, Tarnished must purchase it from Gowry for 5,000 Runes in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, after completing his quest. Although Caelid is next to Limgrave, it’s not considered a suitable area for early players, but you can get there early on and grab some powerful items to facilitate the journey in easier areas.

9 Magic Glintblade

Prisoner Class/Church of Vows

magick glintblade sorcery in elden ring

Magic Glintblade is one of the Sorceries given at the start of the game for the Prisoner class in Elden Ring. If players choose another class, you can purchase it for 3000 Runes from Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

To reach the Church of Vows where Miriel is encountered for the first time, Tarnished must defeat Godrick the Grafted or take a shortcut around the castle to arrive at Liurnia of the Lakes. Next, keep going north until you see a path leading to the eastern Liurnia of the Lakes. Take it and proceed northwest to find the Church of Vows.

8 Glintstone Pebble

Astrologer Class/Waypoint Ruins/Church of Irith

Elden Ring Glintstone Pebble Spell

In true Soulslike fashion, Elden Ring challenges players right from the tutorial, and finding the best early Sorceries is essential to a Sorcerer character’s survival. Fortunately for Astrologers, the spell they start with is one of the best early-game Sorceries; Glintstone Pebble is a single-target missile spell that is quick to cast, consumes only seven of Elden Ring‘s Focus Points, and does a surprising amount of damage.

Elden Ring may not provide Sorceress Sellen with a special ending, but she does still get a full quest for Tarnished to follow.

For classes that don’t begin with Glintstone Pebble, it can be bought for 1000 Runes from either Sorceress Sellen at the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave or Thops at the Church of Irith in Liurnia of the Lakes.

7 Glintstone Arc

Astrologer Class/Waypoint Ruins/Church of Irith

Elden Ring Glintstone Arc Cropped

Similar to the previous Sorcery, the Glintstone Arc is obtained the same way; Astrology class starter Sorcery, obtained from Sorceress Sellen, or Thops. If, by any chance, Thops is dead because you completed his quest in Elden Ring, take his Bell Bearing and give it to the Twin Maiden Husk to purchase the spell.

The Sorcery only takes one slot and requires 13 intelligence to use. Tarnished will be able to cast a wide arc that deals Magic damage, which is perfect for certain scenarios where players get ambushed or attacked by several enemies at once.

6 Meteorite

Royal Grave Evergaol

onyx lord sending multiple meteorites in elden ring

The Meteorite Sorcery is very similar to the Rock Sling one as both spells use gravitational magic. While The Rock Sling can hit multiple enemies, Meteorite is better used against big foes like bosses in Elden Ring, as the caster will be able to summon a meteor rain from the sky. The Spell does require 30 Intelligence, so keep that in mind.

Before heading inside Caria Manor, take a detour east and enter the Royal Grave Evergaol. Defeat the Onyx Lord to acquire some Runes and the Meteorite Spell. The best tip to defeat this boss is by taking advantage of his spell-casting time, as he will take a while to cast Meteorite.

5 Rock Sling

Near Street of Sage Ruins


Players looking to upgrade Glintstone Pebble should try to find Rock Sling, a Gravity Sorcery that summons three large, homing rocks to smash into enemies. Although Rock Sling uses more FP than Glintstone Pebble, it deals more damage and has a good chance to stagger or knock enemies back. Additionally, the Rock Sling is great against enemies that are good at dodging spells, as it often causes them to dodge too early.

The easiest way to find the Rock Sling Sorcery in Elden Ring‘s early game is to open the trapped chest at the bottom of the stairs in the Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave. This chest will transport players directly to Caelid, where Rock Sling can be found at the bottom of a stone staircase on the eastern side of the Street of Sage Ruins.

4 Meteorite Staff

Near Street of Sage Ruins

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff
Elden Ring Meteorite Staff 

Although not a Sorcery itself, the Meteorite Staff is one of the best early-game weapons for Sorcerers in Elden Ring. Requiring only 18 Intelligence, the Meteorite Staff has S Int Scaling and grants a 30% boost to the power of Gravity Sorceries.

Conveniently, players who’ve gone looking for the Rock Sling Sorcery will also be able to find the Meteorite Staff nearby. The Staff can be found in the southwestern building on the Street of Sages Ruins. The corpse holding the Staff is dangling from a ledge in the room with the poison flowers.

3 Carian Piercer

Caria Manor

Elden Ring Carian Piercer Cropped

The Carian Piecer allows the caster to conjure a magical greatsword and thrust it forward into enemies in Elden Ring. Although the Sorcery is obtained early in the game, it requires 27 intelligence, which might be a bit challenging for some players.

ranni full quest walkthrough in elden ring

Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring is one of the main storylines in the game, where, albeit long, can be rewarding once completed.

While visiting the Caria Manor to defeat Loretta and gain access to the Three Sisters, head to the gardens found east of the manor and kill the Teardrop Scarab as it will drop the Carian Piercer.

2Great Glintstone Shard

Waypoint Ruins

magick glintblade sorcery in elden ring

Great Glintstone Shard is a fantastic replacement to Glintstone Pebble for players who’ve expanded their FP pool to cover its increased cost. Essentially an upgraded version of the starting Sorcery, Great Glintstone Shard deals significantly higher damage at a slightly longer range, though with a 70% increase to its FP cost.

Players can purchase Great Glintstone Shard from Sorceress Sellen for 2000 Runes, but only after they’ve delivered the Academy Scroll to her. The Academy Scroll can be found in the unnamed graveyard on top of the cliffs at the far southern end of Liurnia of the Lakes. Players can reach it quickly by heading west from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace.

1Carian Slicer

Waypoint Ruins

The Carian Slicer in Elden Ring

For players who are going for a hybrid Sorcerer build or prefer to have a backup melee option, one of the best early-game Sorceries is Carian Slicer. This low-cost Sorcery summons a magical sword that can perform a three-hit slicing combo, dealing significant magical damage in melee range.

Players can buy Carian Slicer from Sorceress Sellen for 1500 Runes, but only after they’ve given her the Royal House Scroll. The Royal House Scroll can be found in a small encampment to the east of the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. The Scroll is found on a dead body on the easternmost of the two ruins in the camp, where a sorcerer enemy will attack the player with magic at long range.

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