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June 08, 2024

Elizabeth Olsen is not only known for being one of the stars of Marvel, but she also has a career full of successes. Here, check out which movies and series she will be in soon.

Elizabeth Olsen has never been far from the spotlight, and not only shares the same profession as her sisters but has made a career like few others in the industry, debuting as an actress on screen in 1994.

Known for her talent and versatility, her big breakthrough came after she portrayed Martha in the movie “Martha Marcy May Marlene” in 2011. However, her highest peak came when she joined Marvel.

Thanks to her role as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch in the MCU, she managed to demonstrate her ability to carry out complex and emotional roles, even obtaining her own series. Here, check out her upcoming projects…

Elizabeth Olsen’s upcoming projects: All the titles

Love Child | TBA

Love Child is the upcoming drama written and directed by Todd Solondz, starring Elizabeth Olsen and Charles Melton (May December). The stars will join forces to bring this exciting story to life.

The plot follows an 11-year-old boy who tries to change his mother’s love life, with disastrous consequences. The movie will have everything, but especially lots of comedy, unexpected twists and drama.

The actress will bring Misty to life, while Riverdale’s actor will portray Easy. So far, only they have been confirmed as part of the cast, as the project is still in pre-production.

Elizabeth Olsen attends the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 07, 2024. (Source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Although it seems like a simple and emotional story, as the scenes progress, it will transform into a suspenseful one. The official narrative features a twisted obsession and a plot that could ruin everything.

It all begins when Junior, a delusional aspiring Broadway star, develops an inappropriate obsession with his mother Misty. After orchestrating an accident that nearly kills his abusive father, Junior encourages Easy, the handsome man living in the family’s guest house, to court his mother and become her new father figure.

But when they both fall in love, Junior becomes so jealous of no longer being the center of his mother’s attention that he devises a plan to frame Easy for the murder of his father. Tension, chaos, and desperation escalate, and the bond between the three quickly derails.

Eternity | TBA

Miles TellerElizabeth Olsen and Callum Turner will star in the new romantic comedy to be produced by A24. Not only is it one of the stars’ biggest projects, but it will also have a privileged production team.

Star Thrower will serve as the production company, while David Freyne will direct the film. According to Deadline, Pat Cunnane wrote the script, which appeared on the 2022 Black List.

So far, the plot remains under wraps. However, it is said that the characters will have to decide who they want to spend eternity with. The project is still in pre-production, so the release date is unknown.

Eternity marks Cunnane’s first major screenplay, who previously served as an assistant to President Barack Obama. Therefore, it can be expected that the story will have everything, but especially drama and emotion.

His Three Daughters | TBA

His Three Daughters is the upcoming film that will bring Olsen together with two great female stars of the industry: Carrie Coon and Natasha Lyonne. The drama, which has already started filming, is directed and written by Azazel Jacobs.

Elizabeth Olsen, Carrie Coon and Natasha Lyonne in His Three Daughters. (Source: IMDb)

The story is a tense, captivating, and moving portrait of family dynamics that follows three sisters who come together after their father’s health deteriorates. He is suffering from cancer and is reaching the end of his life.

The cast is not only formed by the three actresses, but it’s also packed with talent and well-known stars. Among the most prominent are Jovan AdepoJasmine BraceyJay O. SandersRudy Galvan and Jose Febus.

The Assessment | 2024

The Assessment is an upcoming science fiction and drama film starring Alicia VikanderHimesh Patel and Elizabeth. The title is currently in pre-production, but there is no official release date yet.

Directing duties were handled by Fleur Fortune, making her highly anticipated debut as a film director, while Nell Garfath-CoxDave Thomas and John Donnelly were responsible for the screenplay.

The story is set in a dystopian future where Earth has been destroyed due to climate change. Olsen and Vikander’s characters will be a couple and central to the plot.

According to El Septimo Arte, the project has received funding of 1 million euros from the regional film fund of Cologne, Filmstiftung NRW, and is produced by Number 9 Films and Filmproduktion.

The Age of Love | TBA

The Age of Love joins the list of upcoming romantic comedies starring Elizabeth Olsen, and this time she will be accompanied by Joe Keery. In the film, the actress will portray one of the main characters, named Jill.

Not much is known about the project yet, but it will be directed by Lance Oppenheim and written by Matthew Capodicasa. The story is an adaptation of the homonymous book by Mary South.

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