“Feeling So Lost, Insecure, and Heartbroken”: Millionaire Fitness Sensation Who Dropped Out of College to Follow Her Dreams Recalls the Dark Times

Tran Hanh
June 09, 2024

Bodybuilding is not an easy path to take and several hurdles might come in the way. However, legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Flex Wheeler have achieved success even after facing multiple hindrances that came their way, which means even others can do so if they try hard enough. Similarly, another individual took a step to become an internet sensation and millionaire. Miranda Cohen is a fitness influencer and weightlifter along with being a fitness model as well. She shares reels on TikTok and Instagram about her fitness exercises and has 1.5 million followers on the latter platform.

Indeed, these things do not come easy, and Cohen had to fight stereotypes and society in order to get where she is. Cohen recently shared a post on Instagram about her struggles and gave a detailed explanation of them.

Miranda Cohen shares her struggles

Miranda Cohen shared three pictures of herself and wrote in the caption, “I remember dropping out of college feeling so lost, insecure, and heartbroken. I was this young girl with dreams that seemed absolutely insane and delusional.”

Cohen said that she feared the unknown and added, “Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown, and lack of confidence within myself, caused me to also believe that I was completely ludicrous to think I could ever become successful going against the norm. I read Relentless by @timgrover in college before I dropped out and I’m going to be honest, I didn’t comprehend a lot of it back then.”

In her last bit of caption, she reveals how she turned her life around by writing, “You don’t want to miss this video! Listen to how I changed my mindset from being a victim in my own life, to working endlessly every day, to trying my very best to become unstoppable. Click the link on my story to watch 🤗”

Cohen’s inspiring post about fitness

The fitness icon has completed a decade since she decided to maintain her health. She also opened up about her failures with health, in a previous Instagram post. Miranda spoke about her journey to fitness and the hurdles she faced.

She said, “The failures and adversity I have faced have shaped and helped mold me into someone that will never ever give up no matter what gets thrown my way.”

At such a young age, she is an inspiration to people, and her posts are admirable. What do you think about Cohen’s journey? Let us know in the comments!

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