Former Rugby Athlete Turned Doctor Reveals Ultimate Hack to Improve Eyesight using carnivore diet

Tran Hanh
June 08, 2024

Dr. Anthony Chaffe, who has shown extreme aversion to vegetables and salad, recently talked about how poor eyesight can be improved with the help of a good carnivore diet. A former rugby player, Chaffe has always advocated for a carnivore diet that can reportedly reverse many ailments such as autoimmune diseases and cardiac problems including high blood pressure, and diabetes, and also keep an individual fit and healthy without any medication.

In a recent YouTube video, he was seen taking questions from fans. When one of the fans decided to ask the doctor about the carnivore diet, he shared his take on how it could help to improve a lot of senses including taste and eyesight.

Dr. Anthony Chaffe on supernatural senses due to Carnivore diet

On his YouTube channel Anthony Chaffe MD, a fan asked whether carnivores experience a heightened sense of their five senses which is almost equal to superhuman perception. The doctor answered, “a lot of your senses can be more refined, certainly if you think about taste. A lot of people have a much more refined sense of taste. That could just be their palette is becoming more refined.” He then addressed how a eyesight is one of the sense that can improve due to a carnivore diet.

Dr. Chaffe added, “There is something changing there. Certainly, eyesight improves in a lot of people I have had, time and time again, people have messaged me or commented in my lives or my comment section that they don’t need glasses anymore, their prescription improves. It’s absolutely amazing.”

He further talked about how macular degeneration can be treated with a healthy diet adding, macular degeneration, I think is the leading cause of blindness, non-congenital blindness. This is a major, major issue and your diet and lifestyle can absolutely play a factor in completely reverse that or prevent that.”

Dr. Chaffe, who studied science in the US and medicine in Ireland, is currently a neurosurgical resident in Perth and treated many patients with chronic diseases. He has been a strong advocate for a carnivore and his dislike for plant diet seems rooted in what his professor at the University of Washington told him two decades ago. According to Chaffe, his professor told him, “I don’t eat salad, I don’t eat vegetables. I don’t let my kids eat vegetables. Plants are trying to kill you.”

Dr Chaffee admitted that most in the medical community strongly disagree with his beliefs. But there is another famous personality who believes in the supremacy of a carnivore diet- UFC commentator and podcast Joe Rogan

Carnivore diet did wonders for Joe Rogan

In 2022 Joe Rogan described how a consumed a carnivore diet for one month and it helped him in a number of ways. He said it led to him losing 12 pounds and getting rid of belly fat. His auto-immune disorder vitiligo also improved as per his Instagram post. In his post, he also wrote how his aches and pains went away.

Rogan also mentioned that his energy levels were good, and he felt as good as ever after completing a month of a carnivore diet. He added that it was “tremendously beneficial.” So, it looks like Dr. Chaffe’s claims of carnivore diet improving health have some proof.

What do you make of Dr. Chaffe’s claims of eyesight being improved after a good carnivore diet?

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