Gal Gadot feels “liberated” after Wonder Woman 3 was canceled, what happened?

Thu Trang
June 10, 2024

The cancellation of the third part of Wonder Woman made Gal Gadot feel “liberated”, because it opened up new opportunities for the female star.

Gal Gadot shared that she felt empowered after Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped by James Gunn. This was one of the first films to be canceled, after directors James Gunn and Peter Safran took control of the DC Universe.

Gal Gadot with her role as the Amazon princess has won the hearts of audiences globally. Therefore, the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 may have been a moment of despair, but for Gadot it was an opportunity to “escape” and explore new horizons. In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, the actress spoke more clearly about the joy of not being tied to a single role and having the ability to venture into new fields. The actress spoke about passion, diving into the stories she’s passionate about and the vitality it brings to her life. Gadot shared: “For me, starting and developing stories that I’m passionate about is incredible. The fact that I don’t have to sit still at home waiting for the next offer is what makes me feel empowered”.

The Israeli star known for his indomitable spirit also mentioned plans to pursue his own projects, while remaining open to working as an actor for hire. This reflects the multi-dimensional aspect of her career, where she looks forward to taking on multiple roles. Whether it’s conceiving new ideas or collaborating with visionaries, she seems ready for the next phase of her journey.

“I won’t just be doing my own projects, I’ll still be working as an actress for hire. But the reality is that I can continue and tell the stories that I’m passionate about, from ideas that I form, or from ideas that I find attractive from people who want to cooperate with me” – Wonder Woman beauty revealed.

Previously, part 3 of Wonder Woman was announced to start on December 27, 2020, just two days after Wonder Woman 1984 (part 2) debuted. This is expected to be the final part with the return of Patty Jenkins, as writer and director, and Miss Israel Gal Gadot as the female lead Diana.

However, in December 2022, news about Wonder Woman 3 being canceled appeared just one day after Gal Gadot posted an article sharing about this role on social networks. “A few years ago, when it was announced that I would be playing Wonder Woman, I was so grateful to be given the opportunity to play such an iconic character,” she wrote. So excited to share the next part with you.”

The reason for the cancellation is said to be because the sequel no longer fits into DC’s future plans. After taking over DC Studios as co-chairmen, James Gunn and Peter Safran are shaping a new journey for the DC cinematic universe. The clearest sign is that the duo has begun to “clean up” the plans of Warner Bros. studio. about the DC series previously designed by director Zack Snyder.

Meanwhile, the DC Universe is moving forward with ambitious plans. While Wonder Woman 3 may not be on the horizon, there is a whole series of movies and projects in development. Among them are Creature Commandos (no release date yet) and Superman: Legacy scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman era may have reached a “crossroads,” but her spirit remains as fierce and restless as the character she portrays.

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