Gary Player’s Longevity Secrets: ‘Undereating’ and Ice Baths at 88th Masters

Calista Alma
April 12, 2024

At the age of 88, Gary Player remains as spirited and vibrant as ever, a testament to his dedication to health and fitness. Boasting a drive on the tee that would impress competitors a quarter of his age, Player kicked off the 88th Masters Tournament alongside golf legends Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson as Honorary Starters.

Despite a delay due to inclement weather, throngs of spectators eagerly awaited the ceremonial opening shots of the tournament. Player, displaying his trademark enthusiasm, humorously remarked on the challenges of placing the ball on the tee before launching a smooth drive down the fairway.

Returning to the Augusta National clubhouse, Player shared insights into his longevity, attributing his vitality to a regimen that includes daily ice-cold baths and a practice of “undereating.” Emphasizing the importance of moderation in diet over excessive exercise, Player underscored the value of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

While Player’s approach to health and fitness has served him well, medical experts caution against extremes such as overtraining or undereating, which can lead to adverse health effects. Despite the risks associated with intense athletic training, Player remains in peak condition, a testament to his disciplined approach to fitness.

Throughout his illustrious career spanning five decades and 165 tournament wins, Player has exemplified endurance and resilience. A self-proclaimed “World’s Most Traveled Athlete,” he continues to maintain an active lifestyle, crediting laughter, love, and physical activity for his well-being.

Joined by Nicklaus and Watson, Player reflected on the importance of family, laughter, and responsible eating in maintaining health and happiness. As they shared their personal philosophies on aging gracefully, they emphasized the significance of cherishing life’s simple pleasures and fostering meaningful connections.

Amidst his accolades and achievements, Player reserves the highest praise for the United States, describing it as “the greatest country that God ever made.” Expressing gratitude for the opportunities afforded to him, Player reflects on his admiration for President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his unwavering belief in freedom.

As Player prepares to take on the Masters once again, he remains a shining example of resilience, humility, and gratitude. His enduring legacy serves as an inspiration to athletes and enthusiasts alike, reminding us all to cherish each day and embrace life’s blessings.

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