‘Guys keep hitting on me at the gym – I turn around and they run away in fear’

Tran Hanh
June 11, 2024

Fitness enthusiast Maria, who is better known as Mashas Peaches on social media, has shared a clip of the moment a man tried to hit on her at the gym – and quickly ran away in fear

Woman running on treadmill
Mid adult woman running on treadmill in gym (Image: Image Source)

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Echo this: the gym is not a speed dating venue – we’re here to pump iron.

If you’ve ever been eyed or approached by a bloke while you’re trying to sculpt your beach body, you’ll understand how awkward and irritating it can be. It’s hardly the ideal moment for someone to start flirting when you’re soaked in sweat, have another 50 squats to complete, and have been up since the crack of dawn.

However, one fitness fanatic named Maria has left Brits chuckling after unveiling a big surprise, which she reveals if she’s ever being chatted up by a stranger….

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Online, Maria goes by the name Mashas Peaches, and as an online fitness coach, she has gathered a staggering 748,000 followers due to her frank vlogs and gym tips. In a recent TikTok video, the star is filmed from behind wearing gym shorts and a sports bra as a man appears to strike up a conversation with her.

“Excuse me, miss. Do you come here often? ” the man enquires, but it’s not until Maria spins around that you see she is heavily pregnant with twins. “Oh, okay then,” the man adds. Maria’s twin boys are due this summer, meaning she’s sporting a rather impressive bump – which is practically invisible from behind.

Hundreds of amused viewers rushed to the comments section to praise the woman – confessing that they were also taken aback by the revelation. “Now I would NEVER have guessed,” one person penned. Another was taken aback, exclaiming:” Wow, I didn’t expect that either.”

Another chimed in: “I wish I looked like that from the back during my pregnancy – and I just have one baby hah.” And another responded with humour: “[My] jaw dropped.”

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