He committed a murder in Missouri 26 years ago. His husband secretly helps police to get a confession.

Calista Alma
April 02, 2024

Timothy Stephenson seemed to have it all: a successful marriage, a comfortable home, and two daughters. However, beneath the surface of his seemingly idyllic life lay a dark secret. Over two decades prior, Stephenson had committed a heinous act—he had shot and killed a man he met at a bar in Kansas City.

Despite the passage of time, Stephenson’s past caught up with him in 2021. Amidst a crumbling personal life marked by divorce proceedings and custody battles, authorities arrested him on murder charges, eventually leading to his extradition to Missouri. This month, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, receiving a 16-year prison sentence.

His downfall began with new information, provided by none other than his estranged husband. A decade prior, Stephenson confessed the crime to Joseph Ginejko. He detailed the encounter with Randall Oliphant in 1998, revealing how he shot him in his Kansas City home’s bathroom.

Following the shooting, Stephenson allegedly remodeled the bathroom to hide evidence. Although initially denying involvement, discrepancies in his story, including phone records and the sale of his Jeep, raised suspicions.

In 2021, an undercover operation was planned, leveraging Ginejko’s knowledge obtained from Stephenson’s confession. Recorded during a conversation, Stephenson’s demeanor shifted drastically when confronted, ultimately admitting to the killing but claiming it was a ploy to manipulate his spouse.

Stephenson’s sentence, 16 years with credit for time served, marks the conclusion of a decades-long saga of deception and betrayal.

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