How Tobey Maguire dieted and trained to become the first Spider-Man? It was really strict

Thu Trang
June 10, 2024

There’s the famous picture of Tobey Maguire flexing after having gained his Spidey powers that made every kid want to get out there and become a superhero.

Okay, so maybe its not famous…but it did have that effect on a lot of people!

So we’re back in Spidey week, meaning we’re going to be covering two more Spider-Man related characters, having last week switched over to Game of Thrones for that release on Sunday. As you know, it’s our Spider-Man / Game of Thrones themed month, and this is the second week we’ll be covering Spidey celebs.

If you missed the first week, you can head over and see them, but we’ve already seen people like Tom Holland, Robert Downey Jr., Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, and even James Franco.

While Hugh Jackman may have been insanely taller than our comic Wolverine (not knocking Jackman, I love him…), we’ve seen some Spider-Man portrayals that are always fairly shorter, and right around the range of Spidey.

For example, we now see Maguire was 5’8, and so is Holland, with Garfield standing in at the exact comic Spidey height of 5’10.

Fun fact: Batista is actually taller than his comic height 6’4 Drax – with guys like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck standing at the actual height.

Charlie Cox is around the average 5’10 height that we see on the site, standing close to guys like Matt Damon and Stephen Amell, but just under his comic book Daredevil height.

And, the triple Chris punch (Chris Pratt, Hemsworth, and Evans) do a pretty damn good job of sizing up against their Star-Lord, Captain America, and Thor, with Hemsworth standing just slightly under Thor’s comic height.

Tobey Maguire Diet and Nutrition

There’s a couple different things that I find when researching Maguire’s nutrition for Spider-Man, but there’s one that is common between the bunch.

That common factor is high protein!

We have an article on how much protein you need each day, and Maguire definitely followed this structure when tacking on muscle to become Spidey.

Some sources say he followed a low carb diet, while others say low fat.  I prefer to think (after reading through some of the foods they say he was eating) he was following something similar to a paleo or nordic type of diet.

We see a lot of celebs opt for a sustainable approach like this.

That’s why our Academy Nutrition Classes (Monks, Minimalists, SuperHumans, Vikings, Spartans, Hunter Gatherers, Greek Gods, Samurais, & Eat Fat, Lose Fat) revolve around helping you find the specific diet that is right FOR YOU.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to HAVE the strict guidelines.

We’ve seen a lot of celebs opt for specific restrictions.

Tobey Maguire Workout Routine Research

As for Maguire’s Spider-Man workout routine, things were actual pretty simple.

I found multiple sources that had the exact same routine listed for us. 

There was not too much out there for quotes on Maguire’s training, which we know is something I like to utilize, but can I really complain when we’re talking about a routine from that long ago?…

The answer’s no, people. I can’t.

So, we’ll be utilizing the routine I found on multiple sites, and it seems to be in the same range of workouts we utilize within The Academy’s Batman / Men’s Bodybuilding Path.

But, as we know, diet is going to be huge for unleashing our inner Spidey.

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