Jennifer Lawrence angered fans when she refused to take a selfie with him

Thu Trang
June 10, 2024

Jennifer Lawrence, an acclaimed Hollywood star, enchants viewers with her exceptional skill and adaptability. Celebrated for her Academy Award-winning portrayal in Silver Linings Playbook and unforgettable acts in The Hunger Games franchise, Lawrence distinguishes herself not only through her acting brilliance but also her genuine and relatable presence within the entertainment world.

Amid her diverse array of roles on the silver screen, it’s her fearless and outspoken nature that often grabs the spotlight. In one memorable instance, she recounted an episode when she found herself inebriated, and a fan approached her for a selfie. This encounter didn’t unfold as anticipated, and Jennifer disclosed how one of her co-stars stepped in to rein in the situation when she went a bit wild, all thanks to her tipsy state.

Fan Abused Jennifer Lawrence For Denying a Selfie

The incident occurred during Jennifer Lawrence’s time in Budapest while she was immersed in the filming of Red Sparrow. In this cinematic endeavor, she took on the challenging role of a young Russian intelligence officer tasked with seducing a rookie CIA agent on his first mission. While Red Sparrow undeniably solidified her reputation for delivering exceptional performances, the on-set incidents from that shoot left an indelible mark on JLaw’s memory.

In an interview on Late Night With Seth Myers, the actress shared a story of her involvement in an alcohol-fueled bar brawl. On a spontaneous outing with friends during a “beer night,” she crossed paths with an admirer seeking a selfie to impress his girlfriend. Jennifer Lawrence confessed that, in her inebriated state, her response to the fan’s request was far from conventional. “If your girlfriend won’t believe you, then she’s not the one,” she told the fan.

The fan’s reaction to the selfie refusal escalated dramatically, as he became incensed when Jennifer Lawrence and her companion politely requested him to depart.

Fans Didn’t Like This Side Of Jennifer Lawrence

After hearing Jennifer Lawrence’s story about how she reacted to the disgruntled fan’s comments, many people condemned the actress’ behavior. Some pointed out that it would be hard to envision an audience finding humor in the story if a male actor were sharing how he lost his composure and soaked an insistent female, along with her belongings, in beer.

While another user noted how she shared an astonishingly brash and uncouth story, and the audience applauded. “No wonder she’s a celebrity, audiences certainly deserve her.

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