Jennifer Lawrence appears with a strange face, what did she do with it!?!

Thu Trang
June 11, 2024

The recent Paris Fashion Week witnessed the special appearance of famous actress Jennifer Lawrence. She attended Dior’s Spring/Summer 2024 women’s fashion show and caused a stir on social media platforms, but not because of her fashion choices.

Jennifer Lawrence – who won an Oscar and recently starred in the romantic comedy “No Hard Feelings” has attracted the attention of fashion fans. She appeared in an outfit including an elaborate white button-down shirt and a luxurious black maxi skirt. However, instead of evaluating Jennifer Lawrence’s fashion sense, many people discussed the changes on her face.

Question about Jennifer Lawrence having plastic surgery?

After Jennifer’s photos appeared online, rumors of her having had plastic surgery spread widely. Specifically, many people believe that Jennifer had nose and eyelid surgery and some people especially emphasize the eyelid surgery procedure to remove excess skin. Social networks, especially Twitter, became the center of discussion and controversy about her appearance.

However, there are also opinions that the changes on Jennifer Lawrence’s face may be due to her new makeup and hairstyle. Jennifer used her long blonde hair in an elegant wavy style, along with bold makeup with black eyeliner, shimmery bronze eyeshadow, thick lashes, and full glossy pink cheeks and lips.

Fans and the online community were divided into two camps: one side supported Jennifer and attributed the change to makeup and time, while the other side believed she used procedures such as lip peeling and botox injection.

Jennifer Lawrence, 33 years old, welcomed her son in February 2022 with husband Cooke Maroney. Some people believe that the pressure of motherhood on her face in her latest photos may be the cause of the change.

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