Lizzo dances in li’ngerie before going completely br*less

June 05, 2024

Singer Lizzo runs her own lingerie brand and loves to show off the pieces in super skimpy snaps, as demonstrated by a recent saucy video of the star wearing almost nothing

Lizzo recently went braless for a cheeky video to promote her lingerie line.

The singer owns underwear brand Yitty and couldn’t resist stripping off entirely for her latest range of undergarments. For the shoot, Lizzo ditched her bra entirely and covered her modesty with a pair of black organza flowers.

On her lower half, the star paired the pasties with black lace knickers as she showed off her famous curves to the camera. Lizzo wore her hair in tight curls cut to a shoulder length bob that framed her face perfectly.

The star wore a full face of makeup to accentuate her features, including dark eyeshadow and nude lipstick. The 35-year-old, who launched Yitty back in 2022, took to Instagram to flaunt her figure for the 12 million people who follow her.

Lizzo stripped down to just her knickers (Image: lizzobeeating / Instagram).

Source: Daily Star

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