Logan Paul gives a shocking announcement about his boxing career

June 12, 2024

What’s next for Logan Paul after beating Dillon Danis and Rey Mysterio?

Logan Paul is a WWE champion
Logan PaulWWE

Youtuber turned boxer and WWE star Logan Paul had an unforgettable month of October in both sports. But apparently, he will no longer box as he just announced he is retiring from the sport with only one win under his belt. Logan Paul was just on Fox Business, he stepped by the London studios to talk a little bit about his business ventures. Paul made a shocking announcement about his short-lived boxing career while also talking about his plans to continue his WWE career. Keep in mind that Paul didn’t only beat Dillon Danis in a boxing match but he also became the United States WWE champion after winning the belt from Rey Mysterio. Haters will say he cheated but he clearly thinks he won fair and square.

In the conversation, Paul spoke mainly about the massive growth PRIME drinks have gotten in only two years. The energy drink company just sold it’s billionth bottle and they have a special publicity stunt to celebrate. He placed pop up stores in New York City and London and a sweepstakes to win a gold PRIME bottle valued at $500,000. But Paul said this about his boxing career: “Yeah, I think I’ve retired from boxing. I think I’ve done enough in this sport, going fully undefeated at 25 and 0. So yeah, I’m gonna be a wrestler now. There’s no more money in boxing. I mean, every company is going broke. So, [I’m a] full-time wrestler. As it stands, yeah. Beat Rey Mysterio fair and square for the US Championship. And yeah, it feels great. Life is different now. No, it was a dominant performance, I have to be honest. Yeah, some frog splashes, some punches. It was good. I feel good.”


Is Logan Paul truly retiring from boxing?

If you analyze Logan Paul’s interview on Fox Business carefully, you will tell he is playing his wrestling character. For starters, his boxing record is not 25-0. He was obviously joking. If there is a worthy opponent and the money is right, you can be sure Paul will keep boxing until there is no more interest. Folks who fall for this are clearly not aware of how sarcastic Logan Paul can get, especially when he is playing his character. So no, he is definitely not retiring from boxing. At least for now.

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