Major Earthquake Strikes Taiwan, Claiming Lives and Causing Destruction

Calista Alma
April 03, 2024

A powerful earthquake rocked Taiwan during the morning rush hour on Wednesday, marking the strongest tremor to hit the island in 25 years. The seismic event resulted in the tragic loss of four lives and left dozens injured. Here’s a breakdown of the significant impacts and aftermath:

The earthquake, with a magnitude initially recorded at 7.5 and later revised to 7.4 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), struck southwest of Hualien. The mountainous region of Hualien County experienced casualties, including hikers caught in rockslides near the offshore epicentre. At least 57 individuals sustained injuries.

Over 26 buildings, primarily in Hualien, collapsed due to the quake’s intensity. One five-storey building in Hualien suffered severe damage, with its first floor collapsing and the remaining structure tilting at a precarious angle. Additionally, infrastructure such as highways and tunnels suffered significant damage, leading to traffic disruptions and vehicle damage.

Train and subway services across the island were suspended, impacting millions of commuters. Landslides and debris obstructed roads, causing traffic standstills and vehicle damage. The earthquake’s effects also reached the capital Taipei, where older buildings experienced tile falls and newer constructions reported debris incidents.

The earthquake’s tremors were felt as far as Shanghai and several coastal provinces in southeastern China. Meanwhile, the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued tsunami alerts for the Okinawa prefecture, though subsequent reports indicated minor wave activity.

Despite the earthquake occurring during peak traffic hours, Taiwan’s residents remained relatively calm, underscoring the nation’s familiarity with seismic activity. Schools and government offices exercised caution by offering the option to cancel work and classes.

This seismic event marks the most significant earthquake in Taiwan since the devastating 1999 quake, which claimed thousands of lives and caused extensive destruction. Taiwan’s location along the Pacific “Ring of Fire” makes it susceptible to frequent seismic activity.

In conclusion, while the earthquake’s immediate impact has been severe, ongoing efforts in disaster response and preparedness will be crucial for the affected communities in Taiwan and neighboring regions.

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