Man Uses Drone to Find His Lost Husky And Found Him Hanging Out With Bears

June 11, 2024

April 10, 2024


bear found with dogs


Now this is a wild story.

A pet owner’s worst nightmare is having their beloved furry friend run away from home. Sometimes dogs and cats get too far away from their place of residence, then simply can’t find their way back. It’s tragic when they are never found, though the stories of pets returning to their owners are always heartwarming to see.

This video falls somewhere in between those two extremes. As the story goes, a family living in the Kamchatka Peninsula, in the Russian Far East, lost their husky pup when he run away from home. They were heartbroken and decided to exhaust all search and rescue options, and that meant flying a drone high above the surrounding property in hopes of spotting their dog.

Well, the good news was that they miraculously tracked down their lost husky. The bad news? The dog was traveling with a group of bears, also known as a sloth (that’s the actual term for pack of bruins). So they were likely relieved to see their “good boy” was alive and well, but had a newfound anxiety knowing that their husky was traveling with bears.

The story is almost out of a Disney movie, right? How did the bears not decide to team up and make a meal out of the dog? Especially considering that in the drone footage, the dog appeared to be getting on the nerves of the bears that it was traveling with.

There are plenty of moments where it looks like the bears are frustrated with the dog, whereas the husky looks like it is having the time of its life the entire time. The pupper is just being a happy-go-lucky dog as it bounces around the bears and even tries to get the big wild animals to play. The bruins clearly aren’t in the mood, though they are at least tolerating the company.

It’s all reminiscent of another story where a cow went missing and the owners eventually discovered that it was traveling with a herd of bison. In that example, they let the cow live out its days living amongst the herd. We don’t know how the dog story ends, but surely the pet parents went and retrieved the dog from the sloth of bears at some point.

And I bet the husky had a thousand stories to tell at the dog park once it got back

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